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Volunteers needed!


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For a long time, our region has been blessed with a core group of dedicated volunteers. These are the people doing extra work - at events as well as outside them - to make sure this club runs like a well oiled machine. This is something you only tend to notice when these people are absent, and suddenly things aren't going so smoothly.

I feel like this club has done pretty well at avoiding volunteer burnout. That said, the core staffing has dwindled down to a critical level.

So we are asking for help.

One area of particular need is setup help. There are maybe 2-3 people who know how to turn the equipment truck into a functioning Solo event; if ever they all can't make it, we're in for a rough day. We'd really like to train some people up to double or triple this number. This counts as a work assignment too, which is great if you ever need to cut out of an event early or just want to chill and watch cars.

Currently teardown is not a work assignment, but if there are people interested in having that count for a work assignment then we can explore that.

We also have open spots on the board - probably more than you can see. Some board members need a break; some want to keep helping but in a different capacity than they are now. Talk to us if you want to serve on the board. If there's a position or line of work that looks interesting to you, the person doing that now might actually be ok with you doing it! Board members typically spend a few hours each month doing stuff outside the event and are expected to help however is needed during the event, but otherwise this counts as all your work assignments, and there are additional benefits as well.

Lastly, while I will never turn away free help, I want to especially encourage younger members to step up. Y'all are the future of the club and you bring fresh perspectives to the table. This is your chance to help shape the club into what it needs to be in order to keep thriving.

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