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RallyX Information

Tom Boardman

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What is SCCA RallyX?
In a nutshell, RallyX is just AutoX but on dirt! You race against the clock on a different course each event using cones to indicate course direction. Drivers compete in one of four classes for the fastest average time, with course deviations and cone hits adding time.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • Snell approved helmet 2005 or newer (link)
  • Battery must be securely fastened
  • All loose items inside & outside the vehicle must be removed
  • Wheel bearings must be in good operation condition
  • Tires must not be excessively worn (visible cords, missing chunks)
  • For convertibles, soft tops must be up and latched at all times

Its a common misconception that a skid plate is required, but that's not the case! Though strongly recommended, skid plates are not a requirement to run at a RallyX event.

Where is it located?:

The current site used for RallyX is Motoland MX Park in Casa Grand.

Motoland MX Park
W Hanna St
Casa Grande, AZ 85193
32.821177, -111.799970

(It is recommended to route your GPS by coordinates as google maps will take you to the wrong entrance)

S2 - Stock 2-Wheel Drive (FWD and RWD)
S4 - Stock 4-Wheel Drive (AWD and 4WD)
M2 - Modified 2-Wheel Drive (FWD and RWD)
M4 - Modified 4-Wheel Drive (AWD and 4WD)

Timing & Scoring:

Each driver is given 6 runs, with a short break between runs 3 and 4 to re-flatten & wet the track.
Unlike AutoX where your fastest time is used, in RallyX the seconds from all your runs are added up and ranked lowest to highest total seconds, so consistency is key.
Hitting a cone adds +2 seconds, and course deviation adds +10 seconds. DNF is not used unless a driver truly does not ever cross the finish line.

Run/Work & Itinerary:
7:30 am Registration/Check-In
8:00 am Tech Inspection opens
8:45 am Tech Inspection closes
8:50 am Driver's Meeting
9:00 am Course Hot- Run Group 1 (2-wheel drive / Stock Classes)
Depending on number of attendees, the event can end anywhere between 2pm-5pm

Running order is always as follows: Stock 2WD, Stock AWD, Modified 2WD, Modified AWD
Work assignment will be during the run of your opposite classification (ex. if you run in stock 2WD, you work modified 2WD)
When working course, its recommended to bring a mouth/nose covering of some kind (such as a bandana) as you will be engulfed by dust clouds quite frequently.


Event Calendar & Registration

Facebook Page

Official 2021 SCCA RallyX rule book

Arizona Border Region website


Hope to see you out there!

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