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2022 SOLO PAX Factors Released


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These are just out. Some classes need to drive faster next season, some were reduced some. A few stayed the same.😎

How about your class? 🤔

Classes hit with a BIG "gift" of four or more bonus hundredths (they have to drive a bunch faster) were 😳 :

SS - 7/BS - 4/HS - 4😳/CAM-S - 4/XS-A - 5/EV - 9/SMF - 4/SM - 7/SSM - 8


2022 Pax Numbers.png

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Not complaining about my tougher challenge in BM, since on one hand, Matt Ellam has shown what driving talent and mechanical reliability/ tuning/development skills are capable of in BM. A good friend of mine back in the Bay Area did a little of the tricky fabrication work for Tom and Matt, so I have some idea of the level that that car is at.

Matt took top PAX out of 1,118 entrants and Jeff Kiesel was 2nd PAX in EM, so maybe that's what it takes to earn a PAX bump for next season

BUT in 2021, next closest BM competitor was 4.26 seconds back in what some of us thought could have been at least a comparable, possibly even superior chassis, aero, and tire combo to Matt's.

My last AMP  event, finally got the engine to run strong for 90+% of a run and handling balance about at same level: good but, but not quite there yet-- but that was only a 40.9 s. Really needed a 38.86 s to  match Doug Rowse. 2022 PAX factor  for me means that would have needed to be another 0.7 s faster still (Doug gets an increase from 0.823 to 0.83 factor for 2022 or it would be even worse for me).  

More musings-- all in PAX-land may not be exactly what it seems, if one digs more....

I know I need to be faster ,no matter what, but perhaps don't have to match the bar that Matt has set for BM nationally at local events. Maybe I'll never know how I stack up at Nationals against him since I'm probably way past my prime to make going again worthwhile.

Anyway...I don't really know how much different Nebraska is from Phoenix since I haven't gone to Nationals since 2003 , but  I looked anyway for non-Nationals events Matt Ellam competed in. His PAX was 957 compared to whom I assume was top PAX (Monty Pack in SS) at a Sacramento Region event . I was 950 compared to Doug Rowse in SS at AMP. I didn't verify for sure that Monty was top PAX, he may not have been, but he was probably close. I found a representative course map of a Sac event which evidently is a  solo pad or parking lot at Thunderhill- but probably not significantly different or  better than AMP in configuration, grip, or ET.   

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