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Meeting minutes from November 18 Steering Committee Meeting


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November 18 2021 Phoenix AZ Solo Meeting Minutes

6:00pm AZ time 

Present: Chris Groppi, Kevin Venisnik, Kim Kemper, Ben Zukowski, Brian Miller, Jason Bucki, Kei Josephson, Mat Leon, Morgan Lee, Nick Sloan, Steve Eymann, Tim Bergstrom, Faith Hare, Lance Hamilton
Not Present: Chris Steele, Matt Underhill, Steve Ashcraft, Craig Borger, Dave Hurt, Josh Johnston, Jonathan Herold

Should Jonathan Herold and Dave Hurt still be on the list?

  • Vote to add Mat Leon as registration, Lance as pre-registration (one voting position). 
    • Unanimous yes.
    • Need to get new assistant tech person.
  • Financials – Steve E. 
    • First 6 months lost $4k, but had to buy helmets for $1k. Loss was expected
    • Second 6 months so far, in the black by $600. 
    • As long as our participation stays up (130-140), we will remain in the black. 
    •  Bank balance relatively flat at about $26k. 
  • New region update – Kim
    • 53 members
    • SC members need to provide primary and secondary run group preference for pre-registration.
    • Email in MSR needs to be one you actually check. Because that’s how we’ll communicate back with people. 
  • Onsite registration for waitlisted people? Or do what we did last time and reduce visitor numbers and add more drivers a couple of days in advance. Proposals of 40 or 38 drivers and 20-22 visitors. Allow registration to work it out with this general guidance. 
  • Tech process updates
    • Switched much stuff over to MSR for last event, and it worked well. 
    • Custom app by Dave Hurt still used by tech. Caused problems in afternoon because tech workers couldn’t access app.
    • New idea: use preprinted labels with car numbers and info on sticker to put on windshield. All tech needs to do is mark sticker. 
    • Registration handles wristbands, gives sticker to driver. Driver puts sticker on windshield and brings to tech. When a car is approved, they mark the sticker somehow. Registration pre marks stickers for annual tech people. 
    • Call for vote: unanimous yes
  • Car numbering proposal
    • Requirement to have car numbers on all cars: either driver provided numbers or painters tape numbers with club provided tape.
    • Is the added complexity worth it?
    • The car number and the grid number doesn’t necessarily need to be the same. 
    • Some people don’t like the idea of putting numbers on the car: scratches etc. 
    • Non steel cars need vinyl numbers or tape. 
    • Table and return later
  • New schedule idea: start afternoon earlier at 11:30, end morning at 11:30. Afternoon first car out still 1pm, but people can come in earlier. Aim to end at 4:30. Everyone likes this new schedule and we’ll do it in December. But, start novice course walk later. Don’t need 40 minutes for novice walk. 
  • Timing and scoring: Jason is changing a bunch of stuff to make timing and scoring more reliable and easier to work without Jason doing It himself. 
  • Website and logo changes – website updated. Logo and other rebranding also needed. Morgan is a graphic designer and will come up with some options. 
  • Real name in profile or signature. Any way to enforce? Kim will police and send PMs to people who don’t do it. 
  • Morgan will look into getting goodie store going. Sales tax issue with previous Dave Hurt based system. Morgan thinks this shouldn’t be a problem and will look into it to fix it. 
  • Track/skidpad weekend discussion. Brian M wants to know if there’s enough interest to pursue it further to work out the details. The idea is for January 2023. Sunday normal autocross day before MLK day, track event on MLK day. 
    • Also suggestion to do a “two days of awesome” style event. 
    • Everyone in favor of pursuing this idea. 
    • Add discussion of other special events to future agenda items. 
  • Important to work on other site possibilities. Looking into mesa training facility, and PIR. 
  • Should we invite general membership to SC meetings?
    • Advertise to general membership, but have to request zoom link from Chris G. by email. Need to be Phx AZ Solo region member to attend. 
    • People vote yes except Brian Miller and Steve Eymann
  • Next meeting:
    • Thursday Jan 20 or 27 – forum post to ask for what date is best. Jan 27 chosen for meeting date.
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  • Kim Kemper changed the title to Meeting minutes from November 18 Steering Committee Meeting
  • 2 weeks later...

I plan on shadowing a SSS at a future event to see if I can be a good fit for that position. I plan on staying involved in the club as well as volunteer for additional duties and can attend future meetings. Please remove me from steering committee if deemed appropriate.

Per my discussions with other participants there seems to be significant interest in doing a 2 day national format event as well as for a drivers school. Can we host an evolution driving school? 

Just somethings to pin for the next meeting. 

Thank you to all for everything it takes to keep this club going

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My 2 cents

I would recommend that you take the SSS online course anyway (beside, it can't hurt).  After that you are considered a trainee and have to work 2 events (and info submitted) before your certification is completed. 

Your shadow would be considered as one (post online course completion)


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19 hours ago, Spincycle said:

Per my discussions with other participants there seems to be significant interest in doing a 2 day national format event as well as for a drivers school. Can we host an evolution driving school? 

I spoke to the EVO school this past week. They are planning on coming to AZ (Marana) in early 2022. They said they hope to have the exact date by late Jan.

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