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This will be live at 8am. When you go to register, it will tell you that the event is full and you can register on the waitlist.

When you fill out the form and click the Register button, you will get sent to another page with the following two possibilities:

  • "Thanks for registering" in a green box. This means you are IN the event. Please pay.
  • "Thanks for registering" in a yellow box, plus your position on the waitlist. Don't pay yet.

Note that either option is possible at any time! While you are filling out the reg form, someone might register ahead of you, or cancel their entry. So an event that might have room when you get to the form might be full when you hit Register (yes, this actually happened! Someone is on the waitlist and they don't know it.). An event that's full might have room when you hit Register. Etc. The info you see after you hit Register is the real truth (unless someone comes and deletes an entry right after you, lol).

Now if you go back to the front page, it will say you are registered for the event. That just means we have your registration info for the event, the front page isn't smart enough to detect if you're waitlisted or not. If you click the "update/cancel my registration" button, it will take you to the form and there should be a line in bold indicating your waitlist position.

From here you can click Register again (if you need to make changes), and I promise that doing so does not change your place in the line. Even if you don't make any changes, clicking Register when you're already registered is 100% harmless, I do it all the time while I'm testing my changes. Once you're off the waitlist, you can use this trick to get to the "registered" page, and the payment info will populate once you're in the event.

Speaking of which, there should now be an "add to cart" button, I found a bug that was hiding this for most users. 

Any general questions about the waitlist feature or how to use it, post here. Any event specific questions, please post in the event thread.


Special note for SSCC and Rallycross folks: I can turn this feature on for you as well! Please contact me as there are some specific requirements for you to use it.

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My son and I will be cancelling our participation this weekend. Today and this week as been bad to us. I learned this morning that my Mother in law in PA passed away and the funeral is in Pa Monday. I myself am sitting in a hospital bed waiting to see what the doctors will do tomorrow as a result of a medical issue that surfaced today. and much further down the issue line. I broke my C8 the other day and chevy has it, not sure where it stands and doubt it will be done before the weekend.


SOOOO, I will cancel my reservation tonight. If I read correctly there are no refunds just an IOU for a future event. THats fine by me, but if not, no big deal. I really have no option. Take Care I will get to race with you guys one of these days!

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On 10/20/2020 at 10:39 PM, Manfred said:

My condolences John. That's a terrible week.

I've refunded yours and your son's entries. Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you. I look forwaed to meeting you and the other members and running wiht you in the future.


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