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Hey everyone,

Brand new here and I finally think I'm ready to try my hand at this, but I wanna make sure I've got the classing down first. I've got a 1996 M3 Coupe with some minor modifications: Koyorad radiator, Spal electric fan, Hawk HPS 5.0 brake pads, new suspension bushings, and BC Racing coilovers (so springs, dampers, and camber plates).

Looking at all the documentation on the website I think this would put the car in BSP, but I just want to double check first.


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He (I'd use his name, but it's not shown) needs to "become one with the SCCA Rulebook", and read all of the allowances for say, STR. Technically, if there is even one thing in the allowed list that he has that isn't specifically listed, then he is kicked to the next higher classing. Like maybe the radiator? That I don't know for sure.........without reading.

That said, extreme attention to detail is (IMO) only necessary if a driver is planning on running beyond local events, like Tours and Pro Solos. Locally there is the allowance for a few MINOR variations if those in that Class all agree. Like a Corvair in CAM-T, SCCA gives local Regions the OK to very some from the hard and true detail.

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The OP stated that they have a koyorad and without knowing but assuming that its one of the nicer direct replacement ones than yes, STR would still stand as a class that this car could run in according to section L. in the Street Touring section of the rule book.

L. Engine cooling radiators may be replaced with alternate parts subject to
the following restrictions:
1. Radiator core dimensions (width, height, thickness) cannot be smaller than the standard part.
2. Radiator must mount to OE radiator mounts.
3. Fluid capacity and dry weight of the radiator must be no less than
that of the standard part. Installation of an alternate radiator may
serve no other purpose (e.g., to allow a cold air intake passage).


However yes, extreme attention to detail would be most suited if there are plans to go outside of "local" competition, but it's still good practice to at least be in the ball park, unlike some of the stuff we've seen in the past i.e. GS with a tune, GS with suspension, GS with a big turbo etc....

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Yeah as you guys mentioned I'm not really planning on doing anything serious or beyond local events, I'm just lookin to get some seat time. I am indeed on street tires, I'm currently on Sumitomo HTR Z5s.

When I was figuring out (or trying to at least) the classing I was primarily going off of the car class worksheet posted somewhere because I got somewhat confused when looking everything combined. It was indeed the radiator that made me think that I'd be in Street Prepared, as from what I could tell that would have put me outside of STR. Upon closer inspection of the rulebook though, I see now that I can still run in STR since it is not smaller/lighter than the OEM one.

Thanks for the help, probably wouldn't have caught that otherwise.

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