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PASR Steering Committee Meeting Minutes from 1/27/22


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PASR SC Meeting Notes
January 27, 2022

1.    116 members, SCCA merch website operational. Run by SCCA national, club doesn’t get any money from it. SC should come up with ideas to encourage PASR membership. Publicize how to change and make sure people pay attention to their auto renewal, which will auto renew both regions unless you change it. Maybe limit choice of best worker positions to PASR members, not just SCCA members?
2.    Finances still going in the positive direction. New accounts for new region created and money moved over. 
3.    Test and tune event discussion: 18 people working per shift plus 2 admin. Work assignment lasts 1 hour. Event lasts 5 hours. So need 100 people including 10 admin people (90 actual people). Maybe have run groups rather than one big group? BP says Cal club does it that way and it works well and is efficient. Vote: unanimous yes to allow Kenny to organize event as he sees fit.
4.    New timing light console: vote buy it
5.    Just update on photo of passenger holding camera: was novice co-driving situation, missed that they were not allowed to do that. Kim talked with both drivers and the photographer. Photographer will look for future problems to make us aware.
6.    Overall, registration is going well. Issues with people not doing speedwaiver in advance. We shouldn’t help them. Just give them a direction sheet and have them do it. If they don’t do it we don’t let them in. If they sneak in, we throw them out. 
7.    Still working through issues with Verizon hotspot. It’s a pain. Used backups with people and their phone. Talking to other clubs about pronto software. We have custom. But maybe a commercial solution would be better. 
8.    Steve E fixed the tirerack link business. Had to use Ben C’s account, but Steve fixed that problem so now PASR is added and we’re good. Morgan will add to forum and make more obvious on the homepage. 
9.   CG will send current SC member list to Morgan, Kim and Kevin. Kevin and Kim to provide input and Morgan will make changes to both website and forum. 
10.    Goodie store: Taxes now handled by vendor by law, so we can set that back up. ML will work on it. 
11.    Track event for 2023: Not too much has happened. But it is on the AMP calendar. We have plenty of time to work out the details. Idea is MLK day 2023. 
12.    Other site exploration: Not many options. Firebird wants almost $6k per day. https://forum.azsolo.com/index.php?/topic/2556-site-exploration/#comment-6822
13.    Car numbering proposal: Steve said he would withdraw the proposal. There isn’t enough detail yet to proceed. Jason Bucki said he would work on a proposal.
a.    Not on agenda: need to find worker chief backup for Matt U for March and April. Nick S. said he might help. 
14.    Bring back the banquet? CG should look into it. Maybe Ground Control? Come up with a plan and post on SC forum. Vote at next SC meeting before end of series. 
15.    We have a cleanup kit. Will announce that people are required to clean up after themselves if they have a failure. We provide cleaning supplies. 
16.    Brian P presented proposal to have TOs brought back: 4 comp run group plus 2 TO run groups. We voted yes unanimously pending details of security and financial review for the full Fall 22 season. Brian M and Steve E will work on these details. We will proceed with the plan unless their work discovers issues that require further discussion.
17.    Supplemental rules were found. Kim had posted updated version of the rules on the SC forum. Decision made to post them on website and if any further edits are needed, will modify them as needed.  Unanimous yes. 

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