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Wide 5 Bolt Pattern Wheel & Tire Mounting.


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Many tire shops are straying away from mounting tires which are not purchased through them. Discount Tire appears to be one of the last commercial shops to mount & dismount others tires. 

There a number of small independent tire shops which say “Llantera” and will usually mount/dismount while you wait and much cheaper than Discount, especially if you bring greenbacks. But glance at their equipment beforehand. 

I’m at a point of looking at FB to purchase a used mag machine and balancer. Discount charged me $148 for mounting/dismounting 2 tires and balancing four. $22/tire was the charge for just balancing. Crazy pricing. 

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Can confirm I've used many a llantera tire shop, they're incredibly cheap, and I've never had an issue with mounting and balancing from them. One I went to in west Phoenix over the weekend did put the wrong tires on though (needed new daily tires for the GTI), and I had to point it out to them, then wait while they corrected it. 😄 I miss my old one (J &J Discount Tires in El Mirage, my dad's used them for years), but don't live that far northwest anymore.

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3 hours ago, freakin_elrod said:

So for those that buy tires from tirerack, since discount tire effectively owns tirerack now, they will honor just the cost of mounting, which is $22 per tire. I just paid 88 bucks today to have some kumho v730s mounted and my old rival 1.5 S's dismounted.

Good to know on Discount pricing.    Also, would like to hear your thoughts on the the 730s when you get a chance.

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