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Pre Race Day Inspection


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I am a complete novice with respect to autocrossing. I have seen what you guys do, and it looks fun! I have made an attempt to build an old muscle car into an autocrosser, and would like to have the car inspected now, so that I have time to correct any issues before a race day. I would of course bring the car to the inspector. Could someone put me in touch with an inspector?

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Sounds like you have a fun new car. You can e-mail chieftech -at- azbrscca.org

But honesty the tech we do is really general safety to put a final visual on the car before going on track.  Ultimately the safety of the car is your responsibility

  • Does the brake pedal have good feel,
  • are the wheels/hubs tight (can you grab the pull/shove the wheel and feel any play),
  • same with the steering wheel, does the steering feel tight,
  • is your battery secure (this one gets a lot of people, it should not move when pulled on),
    • If the battery is in the trunk it needs to have a positive post cover,
  • are there any loose items inside the cabin,
  • Are there unsecured floormats,
  • is there at least a lap seatbelt, and is it in good condition,
  • are fluids contained in proper canisters (will anything spill out while cornering).
    • Are there any fluids leaking
  • Do you have snell 2010 or newer helmet
  • Are there any cords showing on the tires
  • windsheild cracks


Read thru the SCCA rules as well if you have not: https://www.scca.com/downloads/53335-2021-scca-solo-rule-book/download

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