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Recommendations for detailer?


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I recently used Detail PHX (https://detailphx.com/) because I needed to have my clear bra replaced.
Since the halo white paint had swirls and 10 years of age, I also had Detail PHX perform a 2 step paint correction and apply a ceramic coating as well.
In conclusion, I was very happy with the exterior detail that was performed on my old Scion FR-S. The Detail PHX owner's name is Kenny and he was easy to work with.
However, Detail PHX does not do interior detailing, which is something odd I've noticed lately with some detailers.
Hope this helps.

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I have been happy with Eurocars Detail (https://www.eurocarsdetail.com/)

When I got my car, it had really bad swirls everywhere... which I wasn't confident I could fix myself.  He cleaned up the paint and ceramic coated it.  He also ceramic coated my wheels, and has products for brake calipers.

He doesn't do the inside of the car though, which was ok for me.  It's funny that GT86_Fan's suggestion also doesn't do interior.. I wasn't aware that has been a trend.

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