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Rally x event location


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To: Rally Cross members

From: Paul Robinson

So I started this post to try and get some more places to run Rally Cross events.

So far I have sent two messages to the camp verde equestrian center and heard nothing back. They are having a demolition derby in August so they are not totally against car events.

Canyon raceway mx never called back. And I will try again. However if someone who is more knowledgeable about setting up a event wants to try their number is 480 294 4467.

I would like to get more racing events in even if all I do is work.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? And what about the rally sprint level 1 event or just using a forestry road for a Rally Cross event?

Thank you.

Paul Robinson 

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I think the forestry roads sounds like a great idea! Have you tried contacting some of the bmx tracks in phx area? black mountain bmx has a very large parking lot and im sure would welcome a new source of income. Theres also a bmx/dirt bike track out by P.I.R. I met the owner years ago im sure he would be into the idea. Last theres speedworld, ive never been but they have a dirt track already. If any of this is old news sorry just would love to see some rally events going on and maybe if i can afford it even participate. Well best of luck, Mike  

If ya need volunteers or help email me @ mlarson098@yahoo.com

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