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Parkwood National Tour

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Jay Balducci, Jay Bucki, and Doug Rowse took positions 1,2, and 3 respectively, in the Porsche Street (Super Street) Class and Kathi Van Der Werf took first in the Porsche Street Ladies Class at the Packwood National Tour. Jay and Jason definitely have figured out the GT4 and looks like that Doug decided to join the Porsche Team and hooked a ride in Kathi's GT4. Good job guys and Kathi.

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If some of you ever wonder where you can get this info, just research the list of events on the SCCA Solo Page: https://www.scca.com/pages/championship-tour

There's the whole list. Each past event has compete results ("Official Class Results"). Pax info and more provided.

And here is the actual results drawn from the this event Page: https://cdn.connectsites.net/user_files/scca/downloads/000/063/364/Full Class Results Final.pdf?1657491101

Can be fun to see what cars are winning your Class Nationally with the best drivers.

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Thanks for those that followed along with us from AZ in Packwood, WA.  We all had a great time:  Jason, Doug, Kathi, Morgan, Ivan, Steven, Jeff/Nicole, Dave S, Dave R, Kerry and me.

Packwood, WA is an incredibly scenic site with silhouetting snow on Mt. Rainer and the 70-80's weather was absolutely perfect with cooling breezes.  A warm and fiercely competitive region with welcome dinners, DJ's, dancing, challenging courses and a week between events to explore the pacific NW make for a super fun time.

Links to the fast notes for both the National Tour and ProSolo events at Packwood, WA in July:



Most of us who went to WA are going to the Solo National Championships and the ProSolo Finale in Lincoln, NE in Sept.   Several others from AZ are joining and we look forward to representing Arizona.


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