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Meeting minutes from August 11 Steering Committee Meeting


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Phoenix AZ Solo Region Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
August 11, 2022

Present: Lance H., Kei J., Morgan L., Matt U., Mat L., C. Borger, Kevin V., Faith H., Kim K., Chris G., Ben Z., Brian M., Nick S., Chris S., Steve E., Bill P., J. Rios (visitor)
1.   Region Update:  183 members as of the meeting. National SCCA has conference call for small regions that Kim attended. Said it could be greatly improved because it was not really focused on small region’s needs. We should provide feedback. 
2.    Finances: Region income $2660. Overall total $2700 in the black this year so far. No money from tire rack so far. Tire rack only sends money once a threshold is passed. Need to find ways to increase traffic with those deals. 
3.    Equipment: Cones easy to get. SCCA national tried to work on deal with company in Wisconsin. Shipping is expensive. Would save if we could have a dock. Nick Sloan’s company has a dock that maybe we could use. Ben Z will count what we have and buy approximately 50% that many. We think that about half the cones need to be replaced. Found an adjustable table that goes up to 37” height. Found chairs of various heights. Need to actually go check to see if that table and compatible chairs Ben Z found will fit. Kim will ask AMP for fence height. Coordinate with Timing and Scoring before buying. Reg and timing and scoring will decide what sort of ez up they want, and if they want it. Our existing ez up may be missing. Need to find it. Lance says 10x20 ez up is best. Need to make sure we get adequate weights. 
4.    Off duty police for fall series: Law Enforcement Specialists is under contract, but they will not recruit a specific officer for us until after Sept. 1. Brian has a backup company that is $5 per hour more and will schedule a person right away. Kevin says we should stick with the plan. If they don’t show up, we can switch after that. But company seems to be very reliable and well regarded, so they should work. 
5.    Plans for September event: Lance plans to keep doing early reg and preferred positions for key workers. Will continue to not do onsite reg. Lance will send a reminder email about format. Schedule will be as we had presented in previous meetings. Want to get food vendor. Could use Morgan’s Australian meat pie food truck, or Pat’s hot dogs. Morgan will ask his co-owners. Chiefs checking on their teams to be sure the event will run smoothly. Will Underhill be back? Yes. He says he will. Need to add disclaimer to driver’s meeting about timing and scoring for TOs. Time goes with car, timing will not pay attention to car swapping. Timing quality may be lower quality than for comp runs. 
6.    November two day event plans: Proposal to do a 2 day event a'la “two days of awesome”. Run like a national event. 2nd day would count for our points series. But would also calculate a two day score for people who participate in both days. Vote to do this with Bucki and Lee as co chairs. Unanimous yes. 
7.    Goody Store: Payment system set up for goodie store. Placed a test order to be sure everything comes through properly. Will be ready to turn on once that is verified. Will put thread on SC forum once it's ready to decide how to proceed with items and pricing. 
8.    MLK weekend track event: Jan 15 Sunday regular event, Jan 16 MLK day for track event. Have run events on road course before. Nick says he will do the course map, but would like to have an example if the previous map could be found. Kenny M. said he would consider being the event chair if Lance would help. Elliot has old course design map. Elliot will send it. 
9.    New sites update: Brian looking into airports for summer events but also tried local airports. None worked. Also have calls into other facilities but no response yet. Maybe Honeywell in northern phoenix. 
10.    Awards and banquet: Shirts for fall 21, flashlights for spring 22. Will send quotes to Steve to buy since everyone was OK with it. Banquet after December event. Club will pay for people’s food and NA beverages. People responsible for their own booze. Try to arrange limited menu or fixed price per person. Lance will look into setting up registration for banquet for RSVP, and to offer tickets for guests at cost. CG will set up details. 
11.    Plans for spring series format: After 2nd November event, we will ask people what their opinion is on split session (am/pm) vs all day event format. Both in person at event and as a poll on the forum for actual club members. But also need to factor in what we think so that the events run best. Should decide at next SC meeting. Which should be Dec 1 so that we can have 3 events (one two day) before we decide. Vote to decide at next meeting passed unanimously. 
12.    Summer 2023 event up north: White mountain lake airport for summer event. $1k per day, $1k damage deposit. Need portapotties or need to rent pilot’s club for $200 more. Dates? June or July for good weather. Two day event? SC is interested. Brian and Steve will look into this more. 
13.    Chief of Course updates: Nick says he will continue to be Chief of course through this series. Bill P. will be assistant for now. Nick wants to get Bill up to speed first. Nick wants to revisit at next meeting. 
14.    The next SC meeting will be Thursday December 1.

Other business: Nick suggested people have shirts that people who help run the event wear to events to novices know who to talk to. Everyone but one person voted yes so we’ll try it. Morgan will design a shirt and get it made through the goodie store. 

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