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What Modifications Are Allowed For My Class


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This is a pretty good general guide, however I would still recommend folks to look at the rulebook if they are trying to venture down the right path in terms of modding for a respective class. Even in Street Touring trim, there are still specifics in the approved allowances that can still make a mod "not legal" even though it may be legal, i.e. STU and STH for example 


(For 2021 it will apply to STU as it already applies to STH)

STH only: As utilized only on engines originally equipped with forced induction, induction charge heat exchangers (also known as “intercool-ers” or“charge air coolers” [CACs]) are unrestricted in size and shape. 
Air-to-air CACs and radiators for air-to-liquid CACs must be cooled 
only by the atmosphere except for standard parts. Body panels, fascias, or structural members may not be cut or altered to facilitate CAC installation. Removal of vehicle components to facilitate installation is not allowed. Holes may be drilled for mounting. Factory boost piping may not be modified or replaced.


So in my case in STH, intercoolers are an approved allowance, however I cannot remove body panels or cut stuff to install this piece, so I would have to get a part that retains all of these panels/grill shutters even if it serves no other purpose other than being stupid.

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Yeah, so maybe more than a year old, huh?

In any case, it does a pretty good job showing how allowances fall for those Classes shown. Gives a *visual* example of how SCCA Classing tends to operate. Like “Miata”, the answer to SCCA rules questions is always......”Read the Rulebook”. (All 500 pages......).😂

**if someone with a good knowledge of SCCA Classing were of a mind to, they could add on to this and update with Cam and XS examples.


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