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Annual Tech for 2023


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Attached is a copy of the annual tech form needed to receive Annual Tech for 2023. While it is not required at this point it is highly recommended that all SCCA Members get this done. This will help expedite Tech in the morning. Look, you do this once a year and we put a tech sticker on your car (same concept as the AMP sound sticker).  No waiting in line, no getting out of your car to open the hood and trunk, no digging through your helmet. It's a win / win for everyone. The only requirement is to be a FULL SCCA member and print out your own form and bring the completed form to your next event. Don't be the guy/gal that holds the line up to fill out your form on site while 50 cars are backed up to Camelback waiting in line. I have attached them in Word and PDF documents for you to download. Feel free to ask questions on the forum. Happy New Year and hope to see you all at the events in 2023. 




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