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First Full Day Event! πŸŽ‰


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Saturday was the first time we have run a full day event since the beginning of 2020 (pre covid) and personally I would like to say thanks to all who organized the event for their efforts to return to this format.

Personally I was able to jump into different car's for ride alongs throughout the day, had plenty of time to socialize with new and old faces that previously would not have been possible in the AM/PM format and enjoyed having a second go at the course in the time only runs, where I was able to correct mistakes after talking with others after my initial runs. It was great to see our community as a whole once again rather than split.

I hope that you all enjoyed the format as much as I did, looking forward to more events like this in the future!

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And it was hot. I’m happy my google sheet we use to calculate how many runs we can get had a bug. I was off on predicting our end time by 1 hour. We could have probably done 5 or 6 TO runs and still have been done by 4. But I was happy to get my 8 runs and be done before 3.Β 

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+1. For those wanting more runs it becomes a choice. For those just fine with the four runs, perfect.

I also enjoyed the walk-around down time between running and working, had time to put stuff away, make a few adjustments if necessary (it's ALWAYS necessaryπŸ˜‰), talk to a few friends or even make new ones.

Really enjoying returning to this format. For many running with us now, they've never experienced this before. It was always just...... run....work......go home.


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