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Grand Cherokee - 2021 -- Is it allowed to race at Autocross?

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I'm a novice and interested in learning Autocross.  My current car, though, is a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8, but not the SRT.  Is it eligible to be raced?  If no, if I rent a car for my first time or two, are there any restrictions on using a rented car (Hertz, etc.)?

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If it's stock and not lowered with wider wheels/tires, no. If it is lowered, maybe. 

The rule to determine if it's legal is this chart. The car has a 64.0" track width and a 69.3" height, so you're not even close. You'd likely need to both increase the track width (wider tires) and significantly lower it (like by over 4") for it to be legal. 


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No none at all. But check the rules to be sure it’s not excluded. There are a handful of normal cars that are excluded because of rollover risk, like the stock ford fiesta and the non abarth fiat 500. The vast majority of “normal” cars are fine. Just don’t rent any type of crossover or suv. 



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