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Most cars stock don’t even need a sound test, unless you have a Porsche, a loud V8 or some other supercar. My 2008 GTI I just retired from autocross after 3 seasons at AMP got a sticker applied without needing a sound test, and it never once had an issue, so you should be good to go 🙂.

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I think you'll pass on the sound, don't even bother Owners of a Porsche GT4 should think about it. It's a nice car, by the way. And as for the sound... I hadn't even thought about it. I was in Germany last week and had to use the chauffeur service frankfurt to help me load my bags and take me where I needed to go, because I don't know the city. It was in Frankfurt. I don't remember exactly which Mercedes 2021 arrived, if I happen to remember I'll be sure to let you know. It had such a sound that even a Porsche probably rests. It was something). I still can't get over how that car sounded. It was just music to a car lover's ears.

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Who does very good custom exhaust work in the Phoenix area?


I need to discuss with someone what they can do to lower the decibel rating on the new EMod car. 


Thank you,

Kei Josephson

email: Mackeimotorsports93@yahoo.com

P Door off for repairs 5.15.2022.jpg

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Lazarus' exhaust has been refigured. .

Two new Flowmaster mufflers installed as well as piping.  

DB tested.  

We should be ok whenever the Hoosiers get shipped.... 



Old vs New Mufflers 2.jpg

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