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DS class, regulation clarification

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New to the Autocross scene 

I need some clarification of the regulations for DS class

Springs are to be original? And only replaceable with OEM?

Are struts/shocks able to be adjustable?

Wheel spacers are permitted, what is the maximum? (I can't calculate in comparison to rim size ☹️)

Can OEM parts be interchanged? Meaning: can rear swing arms from a 2007 model be used on a 2004 if they are a direct fit

Thanks Mat

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Springs need to be OEM or OEM equivalent. You may not change length or rate. Shocks can be anything up to and including double adjustable a long as they have the same length and geometry (mainly for struts). 

Wheel spacers/wheel offset are changeable +/- 1/4” (6mm). Wheel diameter can be changed from OEM +/- 1”. Width must remain stock. 

Changing parts to different model years is not allowed in stock unless allowed by the factory (meaning they change part numbers in their catalog to allow replacement for your year and model). This is called “update/backdate”. It is allowed in street prepared. 

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