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AMP 2/13/2021 videos


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I know I always say I love the course design, but this time I REALLY loved the course design.  Great job creating a really well flowing course Nick.  The huge showcase sweeper was a ton o fun once I realized just how much grip there was all the way around.

Still working my way through some suspension and tire tuning issues and getting used to some changes made, but it's getting better, much better.

Hope to see other videos posted to see where I left time on the table, I'm sure there are places, but I'm pretty happy with this 48.060.



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So here is my fastest clean run of 45.566. There is a lot of little things that I see when I review this video, still pretty good though.


Just for fun, here is my fourth run. 80% of it I thought was quite good, 20% not so much. I went through the data that I have on the run, and if I blended what I did on run 1 through turn 4, with the rest of run 4, there is a 44.6 to 44.8 second run. I gave up a lot of speed coming into 4, killing cones in the process, because I pinched the right hander coming in. I really started attacking the course again at the end of the long right when the cone gets kicked out from under the car.


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I really enjoy threads like this, especially with the videos showing hand position relative to the course. The views mounted centrally I find most instructive. Very useful.

Also have a favor/suggestion to ask. I (and probably others) don’t know many of your Forum names or nicknames. I likely know you and/or your cars when I see you, but not here. Half of these videos I don’t know who you are or even what you’re driving.

Suggesting it would be more personable and “community-like” if everyone posted a signature line, or your name as your Forum name. We’d all get to know each other better, I think.

Thanks for considering it.😉

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