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SCCA Time Trials/Track Days 5/20-21, 2023

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I would like to invite you to our upcoming time trials and track day weekend at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, equidistant between Las Vegas, Phoenix, LA and San Diego regions.  We're a bit late posting this but have been talking and working with Brian Newport and Dale Shoemaker for this event. By introduction, I am also the current SoPac Division Time Trials Administrator,  and a current board member and past RE for San Diego. We'd love to see this make a start towards something like a divisional time trial series where each region could rotate events. 

It will be two one-day time trials, CCW one day, CW the next. Of course you can register for track day participation only as well.

This will be a BYOD event for timing and scoring, and we will have track staff helping to collect times and get sessions gridded by time.  We will run groups by experience as usual as well.  

We're planning for a hosted dinner Saturday night, there are rental cabins available at the track, and RV with hookups or tent/pickup bed/sleeping bag in your car seat in paddock is also allowed. 


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