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Every car must pass a sound check to run at AMP. I don’t remember the exact limit. If you have a stock exhaust then more than likely you will be alright. Some of the corvettes and mustangs have loud stock exhaust. If you pass they put a sticker on the door of your car. Then there is no need to check sound again unless you make changes to the exhaust. 

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7 hours ago, raheeq19 said:

how strict is the requirement for the sticker. Im fairly certain that my car doesnt exceed the sound limit. But if they wont let you run in group C or D without the sticker (which i am currently registered in) ill cancel and let someone else take that spot. 

On the 20th you will be given a provisional sound check which means if your car sounds ok to run by our tech or AMP folks you will be allowed to run. That said if your car then exceeds sound as measured by the meter during any of your runs your car will be black flagged. The vast majority of stock cars with stock exhaust have no sound issues.

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You seem to have thought this out well already and it all seems fair to me.

Just an idea:

Some of us may have to travel long distances to get to AMP and THEN, AMP might possibly emit excess sound levels during tests,

AND some people may want to try add-on mufflers- thus adding to time spent in sound check........

so might it be possible to do sound checks by appt. at some off-site location or at AMP on some other club's event day?

 This could also lower everyone's anxiety level trying to get it all done prior to an event. 

As an aside, I have spent years exprimenting with mufflers on this particular motor and believe I have a good chance of passing- but you never can tell!

I don't have my own sound meter anymore, but maybe I should buy another.

What is the mfg and model plus proper settings to check compliance on my own?

An unofficial sound meter prior check might pay for itself in avoiding just one round trip to to AMP fuel cost!

-Chuck Voboril

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Not sure the mfg or model of the sound meter that AMP is required to use, you might check with AMP at the event. Based on limited experience not aware their meter is at any significant difference than several meters that people have used. AMP is required to use a “fast” read setting on the meter not a slow or average setting. Past attempts to try to get sound readings with other club’s event organizers have been met with mixed results as they are not prepared or want to deal with an outsider to the event, would strongly suggest if anyone is wanting to attend another organization’s event solely for a sound testing would be to reach out prior to the event and ask permission vs simply showing up. 

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Thanks for taking the time to provide all the info Kim.  Please verify A or C-weighted scale, if you can. Or whom to contact at AMP? 

 Choice of scale can sometimes make an even bigger difference than response speed setting.

 Getting my own meter again could pay for itself in wasted fuel cost of one round trip to AMP if I don't get to run.

Not asking to substitute my own test for yours, just want to check and make changes before making the trip for best chance of sucess. 

BTW, just so you know my attitude:  I would not piss and whine If I pass at home and don't at AMP. That's not my way.

I understand quite well how  factors like differing air density and so on can affect readings. My first job in the Valley in 1992 was as an engineer at Active Noise and Vibration Technologies.

One other detail that should be of general interest....

You said this earlier: "AMP limit to get a sticker is 96 dB (fast read) at 50 feet full throttle driving by the meter "

You probably know that an old trick to pass sound checks done on one side of the car is to have an exhaust elbow that can be turned away from the side the meter is on.

Do you  test both sides with a return drive-by in other direction and take worst side?  or is it a "don't care"  with single pass by meter?

Just asking so I know to do a 2 direction drive-by back home at the ranch! My exhaust is absolutely straight back, no left-right angle , but exhaust system heating might make a difference even then.


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Jim Baus is the manager at AMP and would be the best source of info. A number of folks use turn down or directional tail pipes to deal with sound. While the sound meter locations at AMP have not changed (to date) please recall that at autox events based on course design a car may pass the meter on either side so plan on having pipes that can change direction. 

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