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JDM car classing in AutoX

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hello all! i had a question regarding japanese import cars in autocross and how they are classed. i have a 98 evo V that i would like to autocross just for some fun and the experience later this year, however, in the 2 hours of research ive done (old and new forums, rulebooks, reddit, etc) on how my car would be classed, and if its even allowed, i am left with more questions than answers. i have deduced that its a bit of a grey area when it comes to imported cars. would anyone have any insight/links as to where i can find this information? thanks for reading!

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Here is what I think is basic to classing. I'll discuss LOCAL classing, not National Competition classing. BIG difference. All of this is my opinion.

First - Every car is allowed if it's safe. It may be one heck of a modified Class, but there is a Class.

So, is yours something like this:  Evolution V GSR '98? Or similar? That would be D Street.

What exactly is different about yours from USA imported? What does JDM bring to the table? Mostly missing emissions stuff? Determine mechanically exactly what is different. Engine, horsepower, transmission or gearing, wheels, brakes........ you know, the usual go-fast stuff. If your car has equipment known to be a step or two above USA stock, just look for the next Class above Stock (Street) that it would fall to. Is that equipment legal there? Like Street Touring or Street Prepared? (READ!!!) Read up on those. Highly likely you'll find something there that's a close fit. Close enough for local Competition, anyway.

To me it does not sound like you are anywhere close to the Prepared or Modified classes, especially if street driven and legal.

Lancer Evos (very modified) can be in STU Class, or SSP Class, if you have lots of go-fast equipment.

So, as I said above, locally we can for sure find you a fun reasonable place to play. Come out, talk to the guys (and gals) at the site, look over the cars, let them look yours over. see what they think. Locally we are mostly focused on fun, and running against cars with essentially very similar equipment. Your buddies (or soon to be buddies 😉) would be glad to review and discuss with you.

Now, also in my opinion, if you are having dreams of becoming competitive LEGALLY in this car that is SCCA-Legal for National level competition, very sure that will just not happen.😪

Others out there....... your thoughts and comments?





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That's a tough one for sure. I'd say Scott's advice to class it in D street if it's stock isn't a bad idea for local at first, and maybe someone can better help once they see what the car has on it. I'm not the best expert on classing for difficult cases like this one, but since the newer ones (which are usually better-performing if I'm not mistaken) are D Street, I would assume the Evo V is as well.

Scott, as for USDM vs JDM differences, the Evo V wasn't sold in the U.S., so it wasn't available here. The Evo showed up in the U.S. in the 2000s. So it's indeed a gray area that's quite confusing to me for this one. 😅

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