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Rules for the Classified forum (read this first)


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Welcome to the PASR classified forum! The rules for this forum are very simple.

1) NO commercial posts. If you want to advertise your business or products you sell, contact the Region Executive or Assistant RE to discuss paid advertising on the website or the Pylon Press.

2) You must at least be located in Arizona. This region primarily supports the Maricopa County area but for the purpose of this forum, anywhere in Arizona is eligible.

3) If you have multiple things for sale put them all in one post. Do not create 17 different for-sale posts for the 17 different things you would like to sell.

4) You must list at least a ballpark price, your name, and a way to get a hold of you. This will also help you sell your items more quickly. Listing your email address is acceptable if you do not wish to post your phone number.

5) Items should at least be vaguely car related. For example:

Ideal: Cars, wheels, tires, car manuals, tire pressure gauges, helmets, fire suits, exhaust system, etc.

Acceptable: Tools, toolboxes, laser pyrometers, in-car camera mounts, E-Z Up tents, folding chairs, car stereos, etc.

Unacceptable: Televisions, coffee tables, concert tickets, etc. Put that stuff for sale in the Off Topic forum if you absolutely feel the need to advertise it on the website, however it may end up deleted anyway if it is deemed inappropriate.

6) Please keep chatter to a minimum. Accept the fact we will delete replies that should really be in Off Topic, or sent by PM. Discussions about what car someone is going to buy next should be in the Off Topic forum.

7) Note that our forums are open to the general public and PASR does not vet Buyers/Sellers/items for sale or items to be purchased. Use caution to avoid scams.

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