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  1. I mountain biked through the Gila River Memorial Airport about 12+ years ago. (Back when there were still 2-3 parts planes on site.) I recall the run/taxiways were badly broken up, gritty, and would probably not hold up to autocrossing. The center strip was resurfaced at at some point, but it was barely wide enough for a slalom.
  2. Are we still keeping an eye open for additional sites? I know we spoke to Mesa PD around 10 years ago.. Have we talked with them since? 15 acres and no 'sea of reflectors' like in Taylor. 😲 Mesa PD's upgraded training site.
  3. Thanks. I think that is the same location, just under a different name. I'll call to find out about Tirerack deliveries. It would save me a trip with the trailer.
  4. Any recommendations for shops that will accept tirerack.com shipments and mount/balance loose wheels? Is Cruz still at a shop that handles AutoXer installs? I don't see AZ Auto Trends around anymore.
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