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  2. I know it's not an autocross car, but after 15 years, the time has come to find a new home for our extremely clean E46 with low miles. The current plan is to post on an auction site, but we are checking with friends, family, local car enthusiasts first. Due to the auction potential, I need to keep the public details limited, but if you or someone you know is even remotely interested, just PM me for details/contact info. Based on current market trends, this should go north of 20k, but for the right buyer we would be willing to sacrifice getting top dollar.
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  4. Any news or updates available to past Spring 2020 class awards? Nothing mentioned to date. Thanks!
  5. That would be the plan! First car out at 8:30am
  6. On the 15th. We are still gunning for first car out at 8:30 correct? I thought that worked out well!💪🏻
  7. Last week
  8. The two day event was truly awesome! Thanks to all the folks that made it happen.
  9. Just Got This Car In Must Sell 1986 Zink Z19 Car ran SCCA races. Have some spares. Any information you might have would be great. $3500 US Or Best OFFER I Have Spare Block, Carbs and extra parts for the car. I also have video of it running. Super Fast and Fun. 602-326-9985 Text me for pictures cant seem to upload them here.
  10. OK, time for an Autocross Calendar Update for the end of this year. Added Good Guys Barret-Jackson Shoot Out. Read above posts for details and specifics. Please add any discussions of any events under their own topics in the Forums.👍
  11. Dave, I just had a quick question about the "expect lots of runs." How many runs would you expect? I am also assuming that the course layout will be a normal AMP layout/length.
  12. Two day combined results are now available.
  13. Results have been posted for Sunday. If there are any corrections please let us know.
  14. Everything added to this car was “top tier”. Best I could find. I added new details in caps....
  15. Scott Meters added these parts and service before I bought the car: Ground Control camber plates Cork Sport short ram intake Complete clutch kit, flywheel, trans mount, right CV, synthetic gear oil in transmission Hawk HPS street brake pads AC compressor, belt, and service Fuel pump and seal Springs, sway bars, and adjustable shocks Scott may be able to describe shocks, bars, and springs - I don’t have these receipts
  16. Would it be possible to pop in for just getting corner weighed? I currently have nothing to change and test, but would really like to get weighed before I do more to the car.
  17. Lance, James and I are all using solostorm with a garmin Bluetooth receiver for the data and gopro for video.
  18. I have a set of BFG Rival S1.5 225/45R15... used for 2 autocross events so basically 10 runs... swapped front to back for the second event. Purchased from Tire Rack 4/22 this year. $100 for the set, but still mounted until later next week, send me a text if you or anyone is interested. 602-571-2631
  19. Motorsports Reg: msreg.com/az2020fall3 Speedwaiver: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/cvixo Amp Waiver: (coming soon) So our next event is coming up pretty quick, this will be a bit different than our normal events in that it is a 2 day event. You can register for one day or both, it's not required to do both. The first day, November 14th, will be a test and tune event. We're capping this at 60 entries total, 2 run groups of 30 cars. You'll get a chance to drive in the morning and in the afternoon. The cost will be $55, which includes lunch. Lunch is a hot dog, chips, and a dri
  20. What video system are you using to capture the map, speed, Gs, etc?
  21. Thank you. I look forwaed to meeting you and the other members and running wiht you in the future.
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  23. Yeah as you guys mentioned I'm not really planning on doing anything serious or beyond local events, I'm just lookin to get some seat time. I am indeed on street tires, I'm currently on Sumitomo HTR Z5s. When I was figuring out (or trying to at least) the classing I was primarily going off of the car class worksheet posted somewhere because I got somewhat confused when looking everything combined. It was indeed the radiator that made me think that I'd be in Street Prepared, as from what I could tell that would have put me outside of STR. Upon closer inspection of the rulebook though, I se
  24. Here is my fastest at 47.993. If I didn’t bobble the hard left in the back corner I would’ve been much faster. Still a fun course.
  25. The OP stated that they have a koyorad and without knowing but assuming that its one of the nicer direct replacement ones than yes, STR would still stand as a class that this car could run in according to section L. in the Street Touring section of the rule book. L. Engine cooling radiators may be replaced with alternate parts subject to the following restrictions: 1. Radiator core dimensions (width, height, thickness) cannot be smaller than the standard part. 2. Radiator must mount to OE radiator mounts. 3. Fluid capacity and dry weight of the radiator must be no less than that
  26. He (I'd use his name, but it's not shown) needs to "become one with the SCCA Rulebook", and read all of the allowances for say, STR. Technically, if there is even one thing in the allowed list that he has that isn't specifically listed, then he is kicked to the next higher classing. Like maybe the radiator? That I don't know for sure.........without reading. That said, extreme attention to detail is (IMO) only necessary if a driver is planning on running beyond local events, like Tours and Pro Solos. Locally there is the allowance for a few MINOR variations if those in that Class all agre
  27. If you are on street tires i.e. anything 200tw or higher, you could possibly run in STR.
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