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  2. Results 04-10-21.xlsx Kim, thank you very much for sending that out. I have created an Excel Sheet based off of the information that you supplied via email, this makes it a bit easier on the eyes. I tried to get everything as accurate as possible. Feel free to Salt to taste. Enjoy!
  3. Yesterday
  4. I have 4 Bridgestone Re 71's 205/50-15 for sale with 7/32 tread. I think I ran 2 events at AMP with these. Jim Harnish $200.
  5. Update Steve was able to send me unaudited results and I have sent them (pdf format and a long file) to the email address of the entrants contained in MSR. Check your spam /junk folder if the email is not in your in box. Jason will be updating live timing and taking corrections once live timing is updated. Kim
  6. Not getting that 43 and being so close was a slap in the face, hence the fbomb LMAO
  7. Were you looking for a 43.xxx there at the end or just real happy with your low 44? 😄 Nice run regardless.
  8. 44.07x run. The last left before the finish got me every time.
  9. Last week
  10. was trying to figure why the car kept spinning out on me... took it nice and easy during this video and made a clean run. Pulled the spare tire out of the nose after this lap and it was perfect balance. I just came into the last corner too hot and understeered bad. Here is my fastest lap 45.0
  11. Stepping back and reviewing the needs versus what’s in place to address those needs, allow me to suggest the following. Live Timing is a far better solution to the need than the old Scoreboard, or even the post-its. Having that second display near the finish is excellent, as far as knowing raw times.....but it doesn’t show DNF’s or cones. Back to Live Timing. Electronic equipment will occasionally have glitches, but in this (or most cases) the real issue is that we need to clone Jason Bucky. We need to have a backup person(s) who can do everything he does. Under our previous Club Ope
  12. I LOVE having someone handing out post-its with run times on it after each run. Maybe with our increased run group size we can revisit sacrificing a course worker to be the score hander outer...
  13. Agreed. Also, many instances the announcer and timing staff use the scoreboard as a reference which is usually blocked by helmets. Additionally it’s difficult to “social distance” when everyone is huddled around the board to see the scores.
  14. These very issues addressing efficiency, cost, # of runs, # of entrants, and site layout all while following any site restrictions are being discussed by the SC. I do enjoy the AM/PM format as does my family. For the April event we were also able to accommodate 5 runs per group which is a good value of travel time - on site time : # of runs. I am looking forward to the time when one can stay onsite for the duration to watch others compete and to do a bit more socializing and bring friends / family out to watch. I’d also like to gauge interest in having an entir
  15. Great event. Thanks for all the hard work setting up and running it! -Chuck
  16. Having a physical scoreboard located between an active grid and next to timing is a poor location from a safety perspective. Having drivers with their helmets on walking through the active path for cars to get to start is to be avoided. Jason will determine the appropriate fixes on the live scoring issues.
  17. I think Todd has a really good point with the crossover between AM/PM groups. We could setup something where registration and tech open while B group is running, so registration would close at like noon or so. Then everyone for the PM group could start a course walk almost as soon as the B group is done running, though there will need to be a little car human herding because I think there will be more cars and people in motion on site than we usually see. It might even be possible to have the PM drivers meeting before the course walk. That would probably ensure 5 runs.
  18. There were some timing issues since the first group went out. We tried to add a fifth run column and a group of us couldn’t figure it out, so that would affect the live timing. The timing got a little more complicated by the afternoon runs. All in, Jason should be SUPER THRILLED when he gets back and starts sorting this out. The score board was a nice thing to have but it was a give and take. Anyone could look at how they were doing, but it tended to be the kitchen where everyone would congregate making timing and observers frustrated. I used to write down each runs time after I park
  19. Sharon, in those days there were no computers, not even calculators! Results were hand-logged, and then results were typed on a typewriter 😳 onto paper, then had to be printed on a mimeograph machine. Everyone is in fact chilled, but are just highly interested in knowing how we did versus the rest of the participants. That’s a good thing. It is just disappointing when all of our high-tech tools let us down.😎
  20. Results are not up yet. Last months results are what you are looking at.
  21. I also don't see Larry Hart on there. He was C15 and should have been novice I believe. Thanks again.
  22. Is there any way to see all our times? I went in the 48's three times but it has my best as 49.7. I don't recall hitting cones on three runs. Also My girl got 50.9 but this shows 53.1 for her. Thanks.
  23. My third run was by best run of the day with a 46.809. I really enjoyed this course, it was a lot of fun! I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable driving the car.
  24. There's alot of folks from AZ in roster that did really well! Congratulations to all of them!
  25. First run, no course walk, 41.931 Sadly I don't think I improved on this...there was probably time to find in the last left hander.
  26. OK, final two day results.......... Vegas CT Overall Class Results.pdf
  27. Everybody needs to chill......... "In the Old Days", after an event, the results person had to -- by hand -- compile the results. When that was done, then the results had to be taken to a copy place to be printed. When that was done, we had a "results party" of multiple volunteers to collate, address (by hand again), stamp and mail the results. We were lucky to have the results by the end of two weeks. You all are just too spoiled. Sharon Roberts
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