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  2. I have ticket to Barrett-Jackson for tomorrow, 1/27 but have come down with a nasty cold and will not go. Free to first comer. It’s a paper ticket I can send via email. It is for a general admission ticket for a Senior/Military/Student. Email me direct at azsolo@windupkey.com
  3. I’ll also take announcer as the work assignment if available instead of course, and if nothing else is available then I’ll take group A
  4. That’s fine, I’ll take D then. If not D then B. Thanks Lance!
  5. Group C is sold out, if you want me to move you to another group I can.
  6. I went to sign up for the February event and got waitlisted, even though it says there are only 88 entries. I also noticed a couple days before registration opened there were already 49 or so drivers registered. Is there a problem with MotorsportReg?
  7. Thanks. I check in with equipment folks at the next event.
  8. CAM-T is the perfect class for your T/A. There are usually 2 other T/A’s with us. One of the few rules in CAM is tires are limited to a 200 treadwear minimum which is most tires. Come out and have fun with us. Usually about 18 cars in CAM-T.
  9. I apologize John, I don’t have one, my current car I didn’t get a rear bar for yet but I do have the spherical 034 Motorsports rear endlinks that I have my car now. Yes all the mk7/7.5 stuff will bolt up to the mk8. I have rear bar for Golf R but unfortunately it doesn’t fit.
  10. ISO: Does anyone by slim chance have an aftermarket rear sway bar that will fit a MK8 GTI that I can borrow/rent/buy? The one I ordered a few weeks ago still hasn’t shipped and I’d like to use one for an event this weekend. I believe the MK7/7.5 bars work?!?
  11. Congrats PASR! Great work Steering Committee for continuing to develop the region.🍻
  12. Hi John, come find anyone of the Equipment Set-Up team and we can see if it was placed in lost & found. I remember there being a whole host of items left from the January event which is all placed in the shed. Ben Z, Equipment
  13. Hi, New to AZ Solo and looking to give it a try at the next event. I think I would fit into CAM T. I have a 1971 Pontiac Trans Am. Mostly stock. A little more power and newer Tires. Does this class seem correct? Thanks Ron Brown
  14. Great news and congratulations to all the hard working PASR members that got the region established and made such a positive impact at the National level.
  15. Lost at 15 Jan Autocross event: JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge Hoping someone found it and turned it in to lost and found.... so I don't have to buy a new one.
  16. Earlier
  17. I think it could be helpful if that field defaulted to "Open", and you can alternately select "SPM". I remember what to do now, but I kept having to look that up the first few times I registered. From what I recall, it defaults to an empty field, and I think that will also place you in "Open", so it's a little confusing.
  18. Sorry to be off topic. Chuck, If this is close to you, they will most likely mount your 3 piece wheels for you. Cruz is the lead tire mounter for them. Nice guy and it's all he does for them. It's the only place I bring my stuff too. Main shop is on Cave Creek. He is at the Bell address. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=the+lift+shop+yelp&t=brave&ia=web&iaxm=places
  19. Dale On behalf of PASR, it is an honor for the club to have received this award and recognition from the National Office for our efforts in 2022 and look forward to more great things from PASR for our members in 2023. Kim
  20. Congratulations to the Phoenix AZ Solo Region for winning SCCA's 2022 Tom Burke Award for Medium Regions. Dale Shoemaker, Area 11 Director
  21. Is it possible to move me from STS SPM to STS open? I'm still trying to figure out this registration system and the consequences of the buttons I inadvertently push.
  22. 2023 Type R was just recently classed in BS so I going to guess it will start out there
  23. How would one class these 300hp, AWD, 1.6 turbo, 235 square Michelin PS4, 3300lbs maybe Asking for a friend
  24. It's probably correct that Ruth is still involved in Solo PAX. I reread the other forum discussion and it was that National office took over Pro Solo PAX from him several years ago.
  25. Scott you will always be known as "Paxman". 😄
  26. This makes more sense. SCCA in the past has been adamant that they did not create not maintain the Solo PAX Index.
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