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  2. Hello everyone, We would like to invite any members of the Phoenix AZ Solo Region to attend the upcoming steering committee meeting at 6pm on Wednesday, December 6. Because we have a very full meeting agenda, we do have some ground rules for attendance: You must contact me (Chris Groppi) by PM to obtain the zoom link. We will not publicly distribute the link on the forum. Attendance is limited to members of the Phoenix AZ Solo SCCA region 117. We ask that you attend as a listener. Our meeting agenda is full, so time for discussion of items not on the agenda is not possible. If you have a specific topic you would like to bring up, please let me know and we can consider adding it to the agenda. If time is not available for this SC meeting, we can include your request in the agenda for the next SC meeting. We are attempting to hold SC meetings every two months.
  3. Added the two new classes: The Mustang for Club Spec is the fifth generation with the 4.6L V-8. Known best by the chassis code S197, these cars were sold in the US from 2005 until 2009 and will carry the class letters CSM. The MX-5 for Club Spec is the third generation, known best by the chassis code NC. These cars were sold in the US from 2006 until 2015 and will carry the class letters CSX. They are defined on SCCA https://www.scca.com/clubspec
  4. Myself and a LOT of my friends use Alex Larue for our classic car coverage. He is a classic car guy that understands us and how we use our cars. He's had me with Hagerty, Grundy and currently American Modern. Alex LaRue LaRue Insurance Inc. LaRue Classic Insurance Member of LaRue – Carey Insurance Group LLC (270) 358-3101 or (800) 303-3518 P O Box 119 201 S Lincoln Blvd. Hodgenville, KY 42748 Alex Larue <alex@laruecareyinsurance.com>
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  6. Very nice to have these future dates well in advance. My 2024 office calendar gets these first so we can plan our social activities properly.πŸ˜‰ Next up Tucson, and then Sierra Vista events. I do wish we’d find some way…… people (likely need a second set of officials), and location that would allow us some perhaps early day abbreviated events for May, June, July, and August. Our calendar is almost five months between events, unless you travel, and not everyone can. Maybe not even every month, maybe even just a special event or two. Those used to be among our most popular events.
  7. There will be more official announcements coming shortly but I wanted you all to save the dates for now. Check them out here. https://www.motorsportreg.com/orgs/scca/phoenix-az-solo
  8. No, that is from an old event. Now each guest needs to have their own profile on MSR and register for the event just like a driver does. Guests that are PASR members can register Wednesday evening at 8 pm, those that are not PASR members can register Friday at 8 pm.
  9. Faith, Is this still the process for registering a guest? The driver needs to list the name of the guest on their registration?
  10. Thanks Faith! Good to know. I know at least one of them isn't going to make it now as of the last hour or two, so not a problem. πŸ™‚
  11. Yes. Still 2 per registered driver.
  12. I have possibly three guests for the next event, and I don't see on any pages on MSR or emails anything about the 2-guest per person limit since October. Is the limit still in effect? Or is it just first come, first serve for anyone when registration opens on Wednesday?
  13. I use both Classic Gold and Forza. They're actually brothers. Forza has done the best job so far. When I had an alignment at Classic Gold, their rack was down, so they sent it to Bullet Automotive, who didn't do a good job. Forza's work was perfect. The owner can be a bit much for some people, but he knows what he's doing. I use Classic Gold for all my other work, but they aren't alignment specialists. And like Ben said, they're super busy.
  14. Hello PASR members, It's that time once again, registration for our last event of the 2023 Fall series opens this Wednesday at 8:00 pm MST. http://msreg.com/PHXAZSolo2023Fall4 I've made a change that I'm hoping will help with the "race to get into the race" so to speak. I've turned the Edit Function back on which will let you edit your registration after it has been entered. This will allow you to go back in and make changes to your registrations such as Car, Class, PAX index add TOs, remove TOs and even Run Group changes if needed. I believe it will also let you go in and edit your registration that may get waitlisted to change to another run group that still has spots available. I want to try this for this event to see how it goes. If it works out okay, we'll leave this feature in for good. I will however turn off the edit function sometime during the week leading up to the event when I begin to make my final adjustments. Other than that change this will be just a normal points event. Any guests you plan to bring along will need to register for the event as a "Guest" on MSR as always once registration opens. If their name does not show on the guest list, they will not be allowed onsite. If you have any questions, please reach out. Thanks, Lance
  15. Appreciate the info... I will pass it on. Anyone else have suggestions or confimation of: Classic Gold (Tempe) Froza Motorsports (Tempe) Network Alignment (Phoenix))
  16. I have Grundy for my collectibles. Very reasonable with agreed value and no mileage restrictions. I've never had to make a claim but my Father had to get a flatbed ride for his hobby car. They reimbursed him with no drama or stress. I have heard good things about Haggerty also. Glad you got your Mustang repaired. I nearly plowed into a few Javelinas one evening in my '71 Olds. Made me realize it's time for a brake upgrade!
  17. Wrapseshaz@gmail.com This is where I want to try a wrap for my helmet. Hope it helps
  18. Yeah, you can. But Phoenix and Tucson can’t yet because they still have events to score.😎
  19. I agree Scott. I have updated our sets but now I will have to keep an eye on it to see when it changes again
  20. Hopefully it stays as is. My just built car, which is also the fastest I have, has the easiest PAX of anything I own.
  21. Wow, thanks. This is way earlier than past years. Used to be sometimes January before posted. Creating my spreadsheet now........πŸ‘ Everyone be aware that also in the past that often there were later revisions and "adjustments" after initial postings.. Stay alert.
  22. The 2024 PAX Index has been posted. https://www.solotime.info/pax/
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