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  2. Indeed, it is available. PM sent.
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  4. Hi Kei, are these still available? They are 315/30/18 Nankang CRS, correct?
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  6. I'm still trying to get enough new parts to make the car close to how it was stock. Haven't even though about my 120k mile OEM coilovers yet. I don't do it for the points. I'm, here for the fun and I'm not a fast driver anyway. I might just keep signing up for street next season based on these recomendations. If I get anywhere remotely close to 1 tenth of the top times, I'll look for a stock cat to put back on so I'm fair and square.
  7. Yes the path from Rita should be good. If you have not been down Houghton lately, they are turning it into 2 lanes each with a median, so they are doing big construction over there.
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  9. The Rita Road route in to Musselman seems unencumbered…… we come that way from the north. Yes?
  10. I have heard an unconfirmed rumor that Dawn Rd is currently closed due to the construction, and Brekke may now be open, if heading in from the north you may want to take Brekke in if it is open to avoid having to turn around.
  11. Frustrated. All of the Tucson hotels even around Cortaro have doubled their prices this weekend ($150’ish). The hotel nearest Musselman was always pricey, but it’s gone insane at $260/night.😳 Guess we’ll have to drive down that morning. Getting too old for this. Big doings in or around Tucson this weekend?🤨
  12. Website now reflects the correct times. Please double check the times. They are new summer start times for 2022.
  13. Does anyone know of a company with a Dynojet dyno in the Phoenix area, to get some runs on? I used to use AZ Dynochip, but they appear to be closed. I checked with AMP, but they won't touch FWD. Most places registered on the dynojet.com site seem to use their dyno for internal use, are very specific (like for ATV/UTEs or diesel trucks), or are no longer in business.
  14. Registration for the May 22nd event is now open: https://registration.azbrscca.org/index.html Registration closes Friday 5/20 at 7 pm. NOTE: we are on the Summer start time now to avoid some of the heat (AZBRSCCA.org is being updated to reflect this) Site Open 7:30am Registration & Tech Open 7:30 am Registration Closes 9:00am Tech Closes 9:15 am Novice Walk 9:15am Mandatory Site Meeting ~9:30am (as soon as Novice Walk Finishes)
  15. Also available on the clubs site, https://www.azsolo.com/pylon-press-winter-event-4-2022/
  16. Brian has written another stellar Pylon Press for your summer reading enjoyment! April Pylon Press #4 final final.pdf
  17. RBD Racing Spoiler (RBDRacing.com) for C5 Corvette. $350.00 SCCA Phoenix / AZBR member discount = $25.00. Does not fit the C6. Spoiler is in good condition with only minor light scratches from normal use. 7” High. CAM-S permitted, maybe other classes as well. No drilling required as it mounts to existing body panel screws. Can be easily installed & removed with 15-20 minutes. Comes will all hardware necessary. Ben Z You can PM me here if you are interested. Cross listed on CF & FB Marketplace.
  18. Pair of toe alignment plates, in perfect shape other than some black tire marks on them. $20 for the pair.
  19. I have 4 Bridgestone 255/40/17 RE-71R with plenty of tread, they are older with 2317 date code but have always been stored in tire bags in air-conditioned room when not on the car (which they haven't been for a long time since I haven't competed in a long time and car sold). I would need to get unmounted as they are on Pontiac Solstice size rims but that can be done. If interested, let me know and we can work out a deal.
  20. Well, I have to get rid of these for the new tires for the Z06 and room needed for the new project. $400 delivered in Phoenix. I will deliver. 🤷‍♂️
  21. Thanks Jason for getting the results up. We know you and Jay have been very busy touring the west coast's Pro Solo's and Champ tours.
  22. Hi Danielle - I took care of this for you.
  23. Results from the 04/23/2022 event along with the Spring 2022 season results have been posted to the results page. Please post any corrections or questions here. Congrats to all the class and trophy winners!
  24. 45.756. Loved this course. https://youtu.be/1RFWPHRlV3w
  25. Quick introduction first My name is Eric Theis and I own TreadLogic Mobile Tire. You may have seen our van at the last event. Although I do not have a car to compete with I do have a good friend Dakota who drives a G35 that we "sponsor". After attending the last event I was bitten by the bug again and hopefully will have something to flog on the course soon. I grew up around autocross with my father taking me to many events. About 12 years ago I did compete in a couple of autocross events in Phoenix with my 94 Mustang GT. I was then drawn to the off road community and started racing desert races on my dirt bike. Fast forward to now and I sold my last dirt bike and hope to get into a safer area of motorsports. I will be at the May 22nd event with our Sprinter. If you have any old tires you need to dispose of please bring them by the van and I would be glad to get rid of them for you. If you have any tires you would like mounted I can do that as well. $15/tire to dismount and mount a tire. Cash preferred. See you at the races !
  26. Thanks everyone. This was a touchy one and I was hoping to find a service writer that I could be honest with and that would understand and still treat me right. Ultimately though, I just decided to go another route as it seems even the dealer "fix" if I got them to do it wouldn't be any better than what I'm dealing with now...so I'm just gonna send it and see how it goes. 😄
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