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  2. For refunds, please contact the treasurer by email. Contact information is here: https://www.azbrscca.org/about/board.html
  3. Hello, earlier this week I registered for the autocross event at Kino Stadium on Saturday, April 27th. Something has come up that prevents my participation. I have had to cancel my registration. Is it possible to get a refund or a credit for the next Saturday event?
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  5. Hello, is this still available?? I’ll happily buy them
  6. APR molded carbon fiber wing elements. Priced approximately 40% of new from either Ciro Designs or APR Can have 4” cord APR flap added to make the popular 2 element combination rear wing assembly as used on production or modified cars Quality highly polished finish, strong construction Nice sharp thin well defined trailing edges. All are 10” cord with profile similar to high lift Eppler 422. Hollow construction with thin internal longitudinal stiffening ribs. 2 female threaded mounting inserts each end 2 Brand new, Carbon Fiber, original shipping carton 54.5” long $400 each. 5 lbs. 12-5/8 oz. each 1 Brand new Carbon Fiber 56.5” long $400 6 lbs. 1 used molded fiberglass equivalent of above carbon fiber elements, 56.5” long . Painted, not highly polished like the others. 8 Lbs. 15-5/8 oz $100. Has an added 1” OD carbon fiber tube inside. Special thin wall C.F. tube was approx $200 3 threaded inserts each end Has 2 small holes in leading edge that be used or epoxied up 2 new carbon fiber end plates with threaded inserts if lengths of any of the above elements are to changed and one is not able to completely clean up and reuse the original inserts. $20 each.
  7. I sent the treasurer a note to make sure they see it.
  8. Nice, love the new format seeing all of the data. I am jealous with the 59mph. VW stops me at 55mph with their rev limiter.
  9. @herrenr The sticker on the helmet is awesome.
  10. Shoot! I was so put off by all the loose bolts on this engine, the damaged crank, and the probable need for a rebuild... I never considered that some of those loose bolts might be causing the noise I was so concerned about. Removing #1 plug wire made the noise go away. #1 exhaust manifold bolts were loose. I inspected the exh manifold gasket tonight and tada! Evidence of an exhaust leak through the gasket at #1. (The dirty-looking end of the gasket in the pic) Hopefully that was the source of the sound (probably). I wish I had put 2 & 2 together before pulling the engine. I could have listened for the leak at the manifold with a stethoscope (yeah right, garden hose!) and confirmed the source of the noise 100%. Anyway, I'll double check all the crank bolt torques, mic and plastigage everything, check the new-used crank, have it ground if necessary, and reassemble with new bearings and gaskets. I suppose I can inspect the head, pistons, and potential leftover cylinder damage too. I'm still concerned whether loose-nut-larry missed/skippedanything during his rebuild haha.
  11. To whom it may concern among the club... If y'all could take a look at my registration notes and shoot me an email - not sure how it shows up, but I register as OldGray320i (the car I believe I'll have out there, btw...). Holler
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  13. Agreed... Fun & fast... and with six runs too! Big kudos to ALL the organizers, steering committe & volunteers, what a great way to end the season!
  14. Car details. 2007 Mustang Shelby GT white with silver stripe (Shelby number 5336) VIN 1ZVHT82H375360398, 28,400 miles, 3rd owner, clean Carfax, clean title in my name. There are some paint chips on the hood and front fenders that about to be touched up. The silver strip on the horizontal surfaces has fading, leaning more towards flat and less like satin. The factory Shaker 500 radio makes a clicking noise when the door is opened or the ignition is turned on. It goes away after a minute or so and the radio works fine. Otherwise the car is what you'd expect for a 28k mile garage queen. Car is located in Casa Grande, AZ 85194. I've had a great time driving this but I've come into some cash and am picking up a Cayman. Really don't need both, so this is up for sale. Parts list: Strano Performance: Club Spec Sway Bar kit S197 Front Sway Bar Reinforcement kit Billet Sway Bar bracket and bushing set Eibach CSM spec Suspension Springs Camber/Caster Plates Koni Sport Strut Koni Sport Shock, Rear w/Sealing of dampers for CSM Rear Spherical Bearing Adjustable Upper Control Arm Roto-joint equipped Adjustable Panhard bar Adjustable endlink set Ferodo DS2500 front brake pads Ford Racing GT500 Strut Mounts (rubber isolator used in camber plates) Ford Performance Jounce Bumper Kit Dorman Deep open end Knurled Lug Nut Kit ARP 3" Rear Wheel Studs Ford Performance Front Hubs with 3" ARP Studs Shelby 5-point Harness Braum Harness Bar Watson Racing Harness Lap Belt Mount Flow Form RF05RR 18x9.5 Bronze rims Goodyear SC3 275/40/18 Ford Performance Hood Strut Kit Complete set of Factory Service Manuals New Battery Rebuilt Differential using the Ford Performance carbon fiber clutch pack Suspension parts installed by a local alignment shop. Comes with the stock parts that were replaced including the stock rims with new tires. There is just over $10k in parts and service, I paid $24k for the car. Asking $30k. mayakich at the gmai Text or call six five 1 - 23 eight - nine 31 seven
  15. Bill, a fun course to drive, nice job! Kim
  16. Pretty fun course all in all. fast, challenging. everything anyone could want. here i got my 43.707 on GoPro and recorded from Grid. felt good about the run and paid off, taking CAM-C for the day(And the season) by a comfortable margin.
  17. Wow, super fun to drive course. Nice Job, Steve, and those who helped him tweak it. Really really liked the challenge of the offsets going into SW lot corner and then the awesome feel of going around the corner sweeper before the final slalom. Whoo-eee! Getting my braking timing and the car's brake bias just right for the LH corner into the showcase turn was interesting. Tried 2 different brake bias settings and felt I really needed to be in between the knob detents. Flailed around a bit during the 1st 6 runs getting my new (as of this event) aero package sorted. Almost undrivable with too much oversteer on some runs. Wuz getting close, but not quite there yet on 6th run. 3 cars on course doesn't leave much time back on grid for making extra adjustments past air pressure and engine cooling where you have to loosen 4 nuts and bolts (and don't drop any under the car!) to change AoA of 2 front wing flaps. 4 nuts and bolts to change AoA on rear wing too, so that had to be after next run each time. By 3d and 4th TO, was pretty much there on Aero adjustments (some tire pressure and AFR changes too) and then just learning to push myself more.
  18. Yeah, you bumped me to 4th, I was all stoked to be ahead of you for once through 5 runs, then here comes Lance to kick me in the nuts on his 6th run. 🤪
  19. Camera wasn’t working right with TrackAddict and proceeded to not get my fast run but this was my second fastest run. Overall the best day I’ve had since getting the Type R April Autocross Event 4.14.24 https://youtu.be/iyQJpCTUNxQ
  20. Here's my 44.434 on my last of 6 tries...this run jumped me from 8th in class to 3rd. Definitely struggled staying off the cones and taking the favored line. It seemed like there wasn't a lot of places to make up time on this course, just plenty of places to loose time. Still a super fun day and a great way to cap off a great season. See y'all in the fall.
  21. A big kudos to the organizers for getting us six comp runs... you guys are awesome! Here was my best came in the time onlys @ 44.834. https://youtu.be/OlEnTOFdNhs?si=3UTDqFJlrsmb7MBK My best in the CAM-T comp runs was this @ 45.503 which was 2.6 sec behind our class leader! https://youtu.be/GhwqJKdOlPE?si=YTUa_cteZcUdm2d6
  22. Here is my best TO run of 42.630. This is my first time with SoloStorm, data, and usable video. It is a little eye-opening. I make a lot more errors than I thought.
  23. That looked almost identical to my best run...........kidding! Great run Jason. Thanks for posting it.
  24. My best TO run (39.683) - https://youtu.be/nb_FCvLg8Gs?si=Jp0Zy18QWE56Fv_p
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