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  2. Will there be early registration tomorrow for the October 22 event or will the registration open up this Friday?
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  4. Looks great can’t wait to see it at the next event!
  5. time to display the flag! visit the goodie store for other great PASR swag
  6. Hello Everyone - Assistance has been acquired for the October 22nd event. I appreciate those who reached out and PM's have been sent.
  7. Hello Solo Participants; Equipment Set-Up is looking for a participant to assist the team on the October 22nd event. This will count as your morning work assignment. What is required; - Arrive by 6:00AM - Help the team set-up canopies, run cables, grid cones & chalking, set-up timing equipment, speakers, and scoreboards. This position will require lifting and lots of walking. - Run your group and then socialize, or if time is short, you can go home. If you are interested, please let me know via PM ASAP. If you like Equipment Set-Up, we can make this a permanent position and we'd sure appreciate your help. Ben Zukowski
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  9. Awesome thanks for posting the TO results!
  10. Very nice to share these, thank you. All of you other budding photographers out there, we really, really enjoy the action videos of the cornering comparisons through a challenging corner.👍
  11. Photos from yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArizonaTrackdayAutox/permalink/2950860971888414/
  12. Results from the 09/17/2022 event have been posted to the results page. Please post any corrections or questions here. Since the scoring software currently doesn't support time-only runs, I've attached pictures of the TO timing sheets below. I hope to update the software for TOs in the next month or two so you'll be able to view them online.
  13. All items have been accounted for.
  14. Bump Also adding old video for sound test. Not completely applicable to this part in its current configuration though. This was with the downpipe in catless setup, with stock midpipe and stock MSM muffler. Also important to note, my car passed sound at AMP with this part in a number of different configurations: Catless downpipe, stock midpipe, stock MSM muffler Downpipe with cat, stock midpipe, stock MSM muffler Downpipe with cat, stock midpipe, Roadstersport RS3 muffler
  15. Keep an eye on your one teenage daughter. They end up meeting someone's teenage son at an event than they become the parents of your grand kids. Although, I'm proud of mine, both became multi year national champions and this year my 17 year old grandson attended his first national solo event. He is a future CAM-C National Champion.
  16. Done. Thanks! My short list of stuff includes - tire gauge, 12V compressor, torque wrench, helmet, pop up awning, chairs, cooler, table, sunscreen, and one teenage daughter.
  17. A few days before general registration opens Lance will send an email out to PASR members to announce pre-reg. If you have not done already you should create accounts (for any entrants) in MSR, which is the registration site we use for our events. http://motorsportreg.com When creating accounts be sure to list a vehicle in the the MSR “garage” and also list PASR in MSR as your region of record.
  18. We are both full SCCA members with Phoenix as our region. Where is the early registration? I'll get working on minor waivers now but as of now, only she will drive.
  19. +1. For those wanting more runs it becomes a choice. For those just fine with the four runs, perfect. I also enjoyed the walk-around down time between running and working, had time to put stuff away, make a few adjustments if necessary (it's ALWAYS necessary😉), talk to a few friends or even make new ones. Really enjoying returning to this format. For many running with us now, they've never experienced this before. It was always just...... run....work......go home. Better.
  20. First off, welcome back!! Will both you and your daughter be driving? If so you'll both have to register as drivers once registration opens. Go ahead and set up profiles on https://www.motorsportreg.com/ for both of you. You will need them to register. You can also email me at phoenixazsolo@gmail.com if any further questions about registration. Lance
  21. also if your SCCA region of record is Phoenix AZ Solo there is early registration for members of our region
  22. AMP has their own separate minor waiver that needs to be completed. You can find it on the opening page of the website just click, print, complete it and bring to event
  23. For the baseball fans, the Kino site is where the D-backs held Spring Training form many years until Salt River Fields was built.
  24. She will need a signed SCCA minor waiver, which may or may not have been done previously. The minor waiver is good for one year. That waiver needs to be signed by BOTH parents, and witnessed by a SCCA member. The "both parents" requirement is waived if the minor has only one legal guardian. If a SCCA member is not availible, the form can be witnessed by a notary, but that requires one extra form. https://www.scca.com/downloads/44545-2019-03-08-waiver-procedures-3-page/download
  25. After further conversation with them and to close out the Attesa discussion, at least for now, their fees are more than 7 times what our current facility charges us
  26. If she has a valid driver's license she should be fine. But Lance who does registration may chime in. You don't really need to bring anything other than what I listed above. Just make sure your tires are in good shape and have the correct pressure. Maybe a tire gauge, but for a new driver, it won't really matter much.
  27. Just register early once it opens and you should get a spot. Bring chairs, water, sunscreen, and a couple of umbrellas or a popup but make sure it's secured/weighted. There is a bit of shade but not much. Lunch is generally onsite for 10 bucks, or there are places to get food nearby during downtime. Car classing - https://cdn.connectsites.net/user_files/scca/downloads/000/060/877/2022_Solo_Rule_Bookv8.pdf?1661354272 We have loaner helmets, and people assigned to ride along and help navigate the course. Leave expectations at home, speed will come in time, have fun, and learn!
  28. Ugg..Already more questions. For a minor, do I register her or does she register herself? Do people bring a lot of support stuff? I certainly don't want to over do it on her first outing but I've got a list of basics needed for the day but not sure..
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