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  1. It is hard to see where your tape measure is located on the front or rear tracks but SCCA requires using the middle of the tire not the outer edges.
  2. Next SC meeting is scheduled for July 15 at 6 pm and will be virtual. If you have a proposal please send to Kevin V or myself 7 days prior to the meeting so it can be distributed to the SC and added to the agenda for discussion/decision. Kim
  3. Paul Webmaster will be updating the prior novice page. Feel free to ask any questions in this forum in the interim. Kim
  4. Scott correct again these are un audited results, no comparison has been done against paper results, as I don’t have access to those. Just trying to get some information to competitors. Kim
  5. Update Steve was able to send me unaudited results and I have sent them (pdf format and a long file) to the email address of the entrants contained in MSR. Check your spam /junk folder if the email is not in your in box. Jason will be updating live timing and taking corrections once live timing is updated. Kim
  6. Having a physical scoreboard located between an active grid and next to timing is a poor location from a safety perspective. Having drivers with their helmets on walking through the active path for cars to get to start is to be avoided. Jason will determine the appropriate fixes on the live scoring issues.
  7. times are recorded on the club’s computer to my knowledge times are there and will be published after our head of timing can address the issue
  8. this should be a guide same as prior event:
  9. also no club provided water it will be warm later in the day
  10. difference is AZPCA places their live open event registration on MSR months prior to the event AZSolo places the live event on MSR shortly before the event. AZ solo places event basic info on MSR here: https://azsolo.motorsportreg.com guessing that is likely not your MSR bookmark?
  11. for clarity it has been on MSR for several weeks - the link to the event is on the main page of the website - the webmaster is checking into why it is not appearing on the forum page
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