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  1. Dadio you might consider placing a free db app on your phone, have a friend stand 50 feet from the street aim phone stationary (don’t follow the car) directly at the car as you drive past at the top (rpm) of second or third (depends on gearing but at around 50-60 mph). That should give you a decent sense of whether the car will be a sound issue at AMP. AMP limit is 96 db. If the exhaust on your 2020 is stock that car should be fine.
  2. We are required by SCCA to follow local/state COVID guidance to hold events and secure insurance that AMP and SCCA mandate. AMP’s position on the matter is their business decision but has no bearing on the SCCA position. Would encourage anyone to petition the Governor or SCCA to remove or lessen their restrictions.
  3. Actually you run laps in a morning session and an afternoon session. You get a 3/4 lap warm up and then 3-4 flying laps. All laps timed separately. Number of laps depends on number of entrants and course design. Course map is sent via MSR prior to the event. Similar to SCCA course design with slightly higher speeds. call me if you have other questions Kim 480 231 9315
  4. our event is separate and apart from the track event
  5. sorry, not until we allow guests at events
  6. some details on the car including any mods would be helpful
  7. yes next AZ Solo event is Oct 17. PCA autox for next weekend is sold out but AZ Border just opened their registration.
  8. Sorry but reg is closed and this event has no on site registration and no guests are permitted due to AZ limits of 50 on site
  9. no starter and two photographers in D?
  10. likely someone cancelled after reg closed
  11. you need to be signed in to the solo site to download the AMP waiver. If you are not signed in or have timed out you are then treated as a guest and as a guest you cannot download the PDF
  12. if you hit the link above it will send a message to your phone, you then hit the link to speedwaiver in that message
  13. Jim Baus is the manager at AMP and would be the best source of info. A number of folks use turn down or directional tail pipes to deal with sound. While the sound meter locations at AMP have not changed (to date) please recall that at autox events based on course design a car may pass the meter on either side so plan on having pipes that can change direction.
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