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  1. Hey, this thread is pretty much for date info only. Any questions on event details are best asked in that Club’s own section. Pretty sure the Event Officials don’t monitor my dates posting.😎 Thanks.......
  2. In cooperation with local Corvette Club Link to Sierra Vista Club Website for details: SV Website Also their Event Registration page: SV Event Registration
  3. For questions and details, here is the Club Website: Tucson SCCA Site Tucson Registration Site: Register Here
  4. For questions and details, here is the Club Website: Tucson SCCA Site Tucson Registration Site: Register Here
  5. I really enjoy threads like this, especially with the videos showing hand position relative to the course. The views mounted centrally I find most instructive. Very useful. Also have a favor/suggestion to ask. I (and probably others) don’t know many of your Forum names or nicknames. I likely know you and/or your cars when I see you, but not here. Half of these videos I don’t know who you are or even what you’re driving. Suggesting it would be more personable and “community-like” if everyone posted a signature line, or your name as your Forum name. We’d all get to know each other bett
  6. Your membership grants you reduced fees for both Phoenix and Sierra Vista Solo Events, as well as other Membership benefits.
  7. I spoke to Dave R Sunday in SV, he said conditions were favorable for holding both days.
  8. Does yours or Ted’s have a shower? Glenda has certain minimum standards.......😉😂
  9. Just a reminder that there is another autocross opportunity in SV next Sunday, in case you were anxious for an opportunity to play with your car. While a little far for the Phoenix or more northern crew, definitely worth your consideration for a special experience. Great airport concrete, very sticky surface, well-run events by a friendly crew of fellow auto enthusiasts, it's a good time. They too have the Covid protocols and restrictions, event limited to 50, so get your entry in now before it fills. Go HERE to get details (Club Website), and HERE to enter. They use the Tucson versi
  10. They can change the Class easily there. Sounds like fun!😎
  11. Maybe XS-B? What’s your Miata weigh? Minimum Weights (without driver, lbs.) • Class XS-A AWD: 3000 RWD: 2750 FWD: 2500 • Class XS-B RWD: 2150 FWD: 2000
  12. The Subaru Forester (excluded) has about 8.7” of ground clearance, same as yours, but yours is 63” high, the Forester is 68”. In your favor. So sounds borderline. This is the Tech Crews call. You might want to give some thought as to if you really want to do this sport in that car. Not every car should be on an autocross course....🤔 (To compare, my Civic Si has about a 5” ground clearance and is 55” high.)
  13. For questions and details, here is the Club Website: Tucson SCCA Site Tucson Registration Site: Register Here
  14. Hey, I see that there are two dates on the same weekend coming up next month. I’d appreciate some details about what those will be, so I can plan ahead (like for a possible hotel room). Are they two separate actual events, two connected events, or one special day of some sort and one event? Please share what the plan is. Thanks.
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