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  1. OK, time for an Autocross Calendar Update for the end of this year. Added Good Guys Barret-Jackson Shoot Out. Read above posts for details and specifics. Please add any discussions of any events under their own topics in the Forums.👍
  2. Everything added to this car was “top tier”. Best I could find. I added new details in caps....
  3. He (I'd use his name, but it's not shown) needs to "become one with the SCCA Rulebook", and read all of the allowances for say, STR. Technically, if there is even one thing in the allowed list that he has that isn't specifically listed, then he is kicked to the next higher classing. Like maybe the radiator? That I don't know for sure.........without reading. That said, extreme attention to detail is (IMO) only necessary if a driver is planning on running beyond local events, like Tours and Pro Solos. Locally there is the allowance for a few MINOR variations if those in that Class all agre
  4. This is from the Arizona Region......likely pretty similar. Could find nothing on the Tucson Site.
  5. I’m not “all-knowing” about this Forum/Website stuff. I learn about what I need to know to get done what needs doing. But....... It seems to me that many newer folks don't even know we have a website. Lots of important info resides there. List of officers, supplemental rules, helpful hints on what autocrossing is and how to prepare, hints, Pylon Press, and more. The Forums has a calendar, yes, bit if someone only knows us from the Forum, how would they ever become aware of the website? The Forums previously was one link/button on the Website. Not so now. Just seems like we’
  6. So, I had a devil of a time finding a link/bookmark to the old website. Am I missing something too? Why isn’t there a link from our new Forums to the “old” website? Seems there should be. Or is this on the “to do” list?
  7. Locally over time we’ve evolved an opportunity to pay for a set of extra runs for extra money. Thus the term, “Time Only”. Don’t count for scoring, is just extra practice.
  8. Good. Yes on Classing questions, barring unusual mods.....🤔
  9. Manfred knows far more than I do, but I’ll try to chip in. You do know your son has to have his own account, right? So you go into your account, sign up, hit register (green button), pay, and sign out. Next time you sign in, then it will show you as registered. Next, create a separate account for your son, same drill. Be sure to add a car to your garage(s).....😉 Did that help?
  10. So, sign up. Registration is open for the “Two Days of Awesome” now.....👏
  11. Is it possible to Run Group A and work Group B? Not doing TO's. Update.......Registration Open, signed up for both days. Bet the spots go fast.
  12. I’m assuming we can just change the date on the form.......🤔
  13. Don’t mind at all adding the date here, good info, but I’d kind of like this thread to stick to just the dates info? Please move any follow-up event discussion to its own place. Make sense? A place just for event dates and perhaps a link to that info? Thx.😃
  14. Go HERE for details. Very exclusive criteria.
  15. OK, another Solo Event Calendar Update. Tucson moved an October (15) date to a less-crowded November (22) date.👍
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