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  1. Fantastic video! Very well done. Captures the spirit of excitement and fun experienced at the SV Musselman events. A VERY good course, smooth and flowing.👍
  2. So there is still some chance of getting the Airport back in the future? I thought the Airport folks had other plans for that space. Don't give us false hope, buddy........😉 And I checked your videos on your Webpage, and all up and down, your video link, I can't find that Musselman video anywhere. How about a link, or posting it here?
  3. I'm sensing a future family rivalry shaping up between Micky and Cameron. Then we can watch the elders duke it out in the paddock too. 😂 Good times.........😎
  4. Reminder to all the Tucson will be running events all summer. Excellent way to keep your skills sharp. Sierra Vista may be having a few events also. Watch their websites for details.
  5. How did you contact these people? Never heard of this service. Likely this is a local business certified as an installer by Tire Rack. Tire Rack has no local outlets. Did they leave a card?
  6. You would know best how these mechanics best work. I thought my suggestion would be less work for you. You have been responsive when things get plugged up, but again, requires more work and time from you. Just thinking out loud.
  7. Regarding #7 about improving the waitlist, I recall sometimes when I try to register, and the Group I ask for is full, I go to the waitlist. In limbo. So I have to email Lance to get released from Waitlist Jail. I’m just stuck. And, becomes very awkward because I am confused about how to then register my wife, Glenda. What if we can’t later get the same Group, once I get unstuck? What I’d really like to have happen is get tossed back out with a message like “That Group is full, please select another”. Is that possible, please?
  8. Somewhat related here, but we are shopping insurance companies, and we have State Farm. We priced AAA and they were within a few bucks per month, but offered more coverage and extras. So next check was Liberty Mutual and we were shocked at their quote........ very close to TWICE what AAA and State Farm were. Maybe it's paying Aaron Rogers for all those commercials........ Just sayin'.................
  9. Even Brian Peters wasn’t built in a day.😉. He paid his dues over the years. Take your time and enjoy the experience. You’ll have a number of learning “AHA!” moments as you evolve. Those are fun.
  10. Mighty Muffler, Cave Creek area.
  11. I am so sorry this happened to you. Are you OK? Physically that is? Good luck with the repair.😢
  12. Listen to this wise man. He speaks wisdom.👍
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