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  1. If you can find a Discount Tire with a sharp manager who has consistent staff that stay long term, and you develop a relationship with ONE specific technician who knows what he's doing, yes, I've used them before. But I could not find a location with all of the above. The good guys kept leaving. And know this, not every installer knows how to use that equipment properly. I am very careful with who touches my equipment. I have had wheels marked, as well as balanced incorrectly. Cruz essentially makes no mistakes, has been there a long time, and absolutely knows what he's doing. That's my reason for going back to him. Oh yeah, that SCCA Discount is nice too.👍
  2. My plan........Sweet Water Village (exit 175) north on the 587 -> 87 to the 60 west to 101 north. Adds 16 minutes to my trip home. Thank you, Manfred.👍 See map...... I like maps better.......
  3. Yes, the Lift Shop at 1911 E Bell Rd Phoenix AZ 85022 United States Phone - 480-777-7700 Everyone there knows about Cruz and his SCCA discount. I am not sure about receiving Tire Rack shipments, call and ask. I’ve used him a few times each year as my tires wear or my cars change. Note he is a master at mounting our special stiffer tires, and they use the latest “touchless” equipment. Never had any issues.
  4. I am unaware of Sierra Vista using PayPal for event payment. We’ve always just taken a check. Very sure Manfred or Kate with Border Region will be able to check for you and see what you did.
  5. Ken, at a number of our previous Solo events (before your time I think) Ted L. Tim B, Britt D. and a couple of other volunteers set up the scales at a couple of our events, taking ample time to ensure they were true. Those times produced very accurate results. Also Brian E. and Mark H a few times had our scales at their homes/garages, leveled properly. Appointments could be arranged for sessions there, some of varying lengths to even allow time for some adjustments. We have not done those things for some time now. Lack of new volunteers. We have the scales……somewhere. Correct. Anything less than trued scales produces only total weights.
  6. Where are the Club Scales? Wouldn't it make some sense as a summer activity for members to have a "weigh day" somewhere during the cooler morning hours? For a small fee, of course.😉
  7. MSR shows lots of options for the summer. Be sure to reset your distance filter to see them all. NM apparently isn’t using MSR, or hasn’t posted their dates yet. For those not able to do the more distant one or two day events, join us poorer people at the Tucson/Sierra Vista events more locally. Musselman this coming Sunday near Tucson being sponsored by SV. Marana Airport the following Sunday.😎
  8. Many of us practice at the Tucson or Sierra Vista Summer Events. They start early and are packed up and leaving usually by 1:00 or shortly thereafter. Before the real heat hits. Very fun. Sierra Vista just added an event at the Musselman Honda Circuit Track Sunday July 18. Check their website soon for more details. SV Website. See you there?👍😎
  9. The SV Club has made some special arrangements so they can host an autocross in July, July 18, at the Musselman Track. More details to follow on their Website soon. SV Website Link Thank you guys (and gals).👍
  10. Breaking News!!!!! This just in........ Since fire-fighting aircraft are still on the SV Airport site, they have made arrangements to host their July Solo Event at the Mussleman Track. More details to follow on their Website soon..... Sierra Vista Website
  11. Read Manfreds notes above, doesn’t sound like it.
  12. Registration is still open I believe, so *if there is still room*, then yes. Go to registration, if green, then yes. You do know they need to register under their own name, right? Own account? Then in your notes and theirs mention your co-drive connection.
  13. Maps are available on site. They do not publish maps online.
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