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  1. For more information, go to Club Website: Click Here To Register: Go here
  2. I ran my Subaru BRZ, not Glenda's Veloster N. (I'm not allowed access 😂 ). Josh was supposed to change that. Somehow MSR apparently chooses cars randomly from your Garage, since I did not choose the Veloster. I thought it would carry over my last active choice, the BRZ, but MSR did not. Be aware. Also, Lee Reforma should be in DS Open, and not Novice. He had graduated by winning Novice last Series. Guessing the same thing must have happened to him, the system just chose for him.
  3. We need to be pro-active seeking other sites in case Dan Maloney ever decides owning AMP is not all that much fun, and decides to sell the property to the business community. I’ll bet he’s had offers. What do you mean by “same day events in greater Phoenix Area”? PCA is the only other area autocross club here, and even Kim K can’t be in two places at the same time.😉
  4. For those of you newer to this sport, typically we have our local events in Phoenix, Marana/Musselman, and Sierra Vista. And we also have locally a number of top National-level drivers who reside locally, so we get to see a taste of what excellence in the sport look s like. Once in a while, thanks to the Tucson Club and a great site, we have a special two-day event just like the larger National Events in California, Nevada, and Texas. And these events will draw some of the better Solo Drivers from farther away to come and compete. This is such an event. So, if you want to get your feet wet against some of the top drivers in the Country, be sure to come on down and enter this event, once or both days. It's like watching Brian Peters or Doug Rowse times ten. Weather's looking great too. See you there?
  5. I believe I read somewhere for the duration of Tucson’s Marana access that they would be using the eastern entrance, like the last event. I might be wrong, but I have some recall of that. Not of how to pay correctly, apparently, but entrances I’ve mastered.😂😉👍
  6. Phil, me just using the computer rather that an iPad made all the difference. Now if someone doesn’t have a Mac and only an iPhone or iPad, issue. I’m good. Thanks.
  7. I only use an iPhone for this stuff in an emergency. Usually use an iPad. So I went to my desktop computer (also a Mac) and found that things scroll much more quickly. This is doable. Thanks for the hint, Lance. Got me thinking. Bet I wasn't the only one frustrated. Do NOT use an iPhone or iPad to view these pics.
  8. Really? I spent about five minutes scrolling and never made it to Group C, let alone my Group B. There’s gotta be a way to jump sections to shorten this process. Even in a long PDF document (like the SCCA Rulebook) I can “fast scroll” and keep those pages moving fast. Not with this. It pauses the effort as (I guess) each page or two reloads. Takes forever. Please share some shortcut for us (me?). Or am I missing something? Help?😵‍💫
  9. Photos start with Group D it seems. Any of Groups A and B? If I scroll a lot will I find some? Thx.
  10. For those of you who think, eat, and breathe “Times” and “PAX”, here’s some numbers to chew on awaiting the real ones. I would have done more, but too much missing info…… Top Time…..Lewis…..DM…..46.423…..41.549 Top Pax…….Peters…..EV…..46.729……38.598 Other scores of note: Rowse……….SS…………47.223…….38.865 Phillips…..….CS…………49.001…….39.642 Harnish……..STS……….49.224……39.921 J Wong……..CAM-S…..46.084……40.100 McNulty…….SSC………49.561..…..40.244 I’m not sure exactly what or how, but there was something about this particular course design that kept me off kilter somewhat. Just could not find any kind of rhythm or comfort level.🤔
  11. Well done Kim and crew. Thanks for this. Will do until official scores come out.👍😎 Suggestion……as someone working as Observer, it would be very handy if these sheets had additional info for announcer and us. Like Car and Class, please. Would make these jobs a lot easier. Spreadsheet grid format too, please.👌 Thanks again.
  12. Booked the Hotel Room, Registered, ready to have fun for two days. Those of you who often go to Tucson, note that if registering for two days the payment process has apparently changed. Like Manfred posted clearly above,🙄 😉 (who reads when they know what they're doing, right)? Do NOT pay for day one. It's all collected in day two. Yeah, I didn't read first.🥵 So, don't be me. Follow what Manfred posted. See everyone there.👍
  13. +1 to these positive comments. It is very nice to be allowed "in the loop" on how the process works, will help all of us become more efficient with using it.👍
  14. Bump - will get you through a few events, or use as spares.
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