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  1. No pre-posting. So, when you arrive. Pre-posting is a Phoenix thing. Most of the time, unless you registered very late, you get what you requested.
  2. Take note - if you do, get one new enough to have decent ABS…….🤨
  3. I'm not a Tech guy, or even an Officer, but I do know that this exclusion is from SCCA National and is in the 2021 SCCA Solo Rulebook. So, your challenge is to contact SCCA National through their Website and have that discussion with them. Also, if you are not a full SCCA dues-paying member, not a chance. The first question usually asked is "What is your membership #"? Local Regions are not allowed to alter SCCA National Rules, especially regarding safety. Think liability. Good luck.
  4. No. That pattern was Phoenix. They are currently redoing their Run/Work for the return to Marana. Website will be corrected soon **I deleted the original posting here to avoid any confusion......
  5. Well, AMP obviously cant do evening events with all of their restrictions. So another venue would need to be found. And the setup crew for evening events always experienced working in the hottest time of the day. So in my mind the early morning approach always made the most sense. Everyone involved were exposed to the most tolerable conditions. Anything is better than……nothing.
  6. Yes, almost five months between events is a problem. Parking lot rogue friskiness in your car or similar would invite negative attention in many ways. Not recommended. Ken shared some alternative suggestions above, much better solution. Finally, the best solution, would be to do as Tucson and Sierra Vista (limited due to fire crews on site) do is hold abbreviated summer events here that start early and end early to beat the end of the day “brutal” heat. Courses a little shorter and simpler to streamline setup. We (AZ Region) successfully held a four event series every summ
  7. For specifics and details, go to the Tucson Club Website: Website For Registration go to this site: Registration
  8. For specifics and details, go to the Tucson Club Website: Website For Registration go to this site: Registration
  9. For specifics and details, go to the Tucson Club Website: Website For Registration go to this site: Registration
  10. Keeping us in the loop and letting us all know what’s happening is very much appreciated. Thanks for all that you do.👍
  11. Well, the Solo Rulebook is free, online.......Click Here Your car will be inspected for safety purposes at each event by our Tech Crew. In order to run, it would need to pass. As far as what Class to declare, start reading about classing rules and lists in that rulebook. When properly confused, check back with us here for clarification. You’ll see what I mean later. There’s a lot to learn here. I saw no mention of a Novice “page”? Not sure there is one here, but I’ve been wrong before. Best cure for “Novice-ness” is to start attending events, get to know other drivers, and ask l
  12. Anyone able to post a map or two? Please? And/or, a few videos would be nice too.👌👍 Thanks.
  13. Hey everyone, the two day SCCA Tour Event in Fontana CA. is now complete. Attached are the results. A number of local SCCA members/drivers attended and competed. I thought you might find these results interesting. Some use these top local drivers as "Benchmarks" to compare themselves to, to help gauge their progress with their own cars. I do. Choose a few local consistent drivers and keep a percentage record of how you do against them. You could than also apply your percentage towards these results to see how you might place should you chose to enter any of the National Events. Any f
  14. All registered and ready for this event. Registration opened tonight at 7:00pm. 50 Driver Limit.
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