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  1. Car will be competing at the April 15th event... still available for sale. Has New Brakes (calipers, Rotors, pads) and new Falken RT660's on all 4 corners... ready to compete all year long, needs nothing. Best regards, Dave
  2. Hey everyone, the car most have seen run locally, is available for sale. Cat is extremely competitive and in great condition with just 82,000 original miles. 2002 Boss Mustang GT 6 speed Manual Steeda 5 Link Suspension Bilstein Shocks Corbeau Race Seat and Steering Wheel 82K original miles Asking $10,000 to local members, will be listing for $12,500 elsewhere. Best regards, Dave
  3. Here was my best run, great weekend!
  4. Not sure where to post, but I should be in SPM. Dave
  5. I do appreciate the SC is looking at alternative solutions. Another thought on providing solutions, how much is a security officer for the day? $1,000? 30 additional entrants seems to cover that, no? Y’all know best if your waiting list is 4 people or 20… but also I’m sure many don’t even complete registration when they see all is full. Or go back to 3 runs… if 3 runs = 200 attendees the club wins… if 3 runs equals 100 attendees, then have to figure something else out. But local events being sold out should not be common as we are experiencing. And for a club looking for members… the same 130 aren’t going to make the club prosperous by my calculations. SCCA/Solo has always been a club for encouraging membership and being a family community of camaraderie. Best regards, Dave
  6. What changed from a year ago... we used to have 6 run groups? 4 competition and 2 time only run groups? We clearly had to have at least 150 cars 'running' through that structure. And Kim if you want us to switch... show us some change? I'd be happy to switch, but right now, I have ZERO problems attending a better site in Tucson... and am not able to attend a 'nice site' here locally... if I don't have calendar reminders on my phone. It's a little absurd... and definitely can't help 'grow the club'... would be even more difficult for a newbie to attend. If this is actually a 'runs issue'... let's go back to 3 runs... and go back to whatever is reasonable for total headcount... we never used to have a 'AM & PM' arrive and Drive, until the 50 maximum limit. Now we are purposely losing 1 hour every event... to have AM and PM groups... instead of 'everyone arrive early'... walk in the morning... and then you run all day no breaks. Best regards, Dave
  7. Thanks for the responses. Is that Specific to the Autox facility? As I know NASA has well over 100 entrants, and I never noticed a security officer? So, it sounds like we need an officer who likes to Autox! 😃 Best regards, Dave
  8. Is the Entry cap at AMP something that is required by AMP, the city or the region? I had thought all the entry limitations had been removed for Phoenix & AMP? Thank you for any info. Signed... The guy on the waitlist. 😉
  9. Sold Hey everyone, have 2 heat cycled 295/35/18 Yokohama A052, $380 each from Tirerack, and currently on Back Order. Selling the pair for $250 each, $500 for the pair. Located in Chandler, AZ Best regards, Dave
  10. Thread updated with tires remaining. Best regards, Dave
  11. ALL SOLD Thank you Hi guys, In preparation for this year's One Lap of America, we had purchased multiple sets of new tires, to decide based on the weather which to go with. New Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - I have one brand new ZL1 1LE / GT350 sized 305/30/19 Front 325/30/19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Purchased new May 1st 2021. $250 NEW Goodyear Supercar 3 - I also have 2 extra Brand new Sticker, Goodyear Supercar 3's - 305/30/19's for a square setup, never driven on. $500 for the pair. Yokohama A052 - I have 2 heat cycled 295/35/18 Yokohama tires. $500 for the pair. Pics below. PM or email me at dschotz at gmail.com for interest. Best regards, Dave
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