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  1. Glad you enjoyed the course. Regarding the optional element. It's almost impossible to make an optional element that is equal, there is always going to be a faster way and people will figure it out quickly. Think of it as more of a talking piece, if it caused you to have a conversation then it did its job.
  2. That is my dad, find him at the national tour event or the event in march and he will get them to you.
  3. you can also check out https://www.wheelspecialists.com/
  4. Greetings, Attached is the course map for this weekends event!! AMP Fall 2022 Event 2 Oct 22.pdf
  5. If she has a valid driver's license she should be fine. But Lance who does registration may chime in. You don't really need to bring anything other than what I listed above. Just make sure your tires are in good shape and have the correct pressure. Maybe a tire gauge, but for a new driver, it won't really matter much.
  6. Just register early once it opens and you should get a spot. Bring chairs, water, sunscreen, and a couple of umbrellas or a popup but make sure it's secured/weighted. There is a bit of shade but not much. Lunch is generally onsite for 10 bucks, or there are places to get food nearby during downtime. Car classing - https://cdn.connectsites.net/user_files/scca/downloads/000/060/877/2022_Solo_Rule_Bookv8.pdf?1661354272 We have loaner helmets, and people assigned to ride along and help navigate the course. Leave expectations at home, speed will come in time, have fun, and learn!
  7. It was a lot of fun other than being hot :). I look forward to seeing everyone in October!
  8. Greetings, Attached is the course map for the 17th's event. Credit for this desing goes to William Pribil who worked hard to put this together. Thanks, Nick AMP Fall 2022 Event 1 Sept 17th.pdf
  9. Attached is this weekends course map. Course Map - AMP Event 4 April 23rd.pdf
  10. Does anyone have two used 200TW tires in 275/35R19? Ideally, Falken RT660 but anything comparable is fine. I corded two tires and I don't want to buy a whole new set right before summer.
  11. Greetings, Attached are the course maps for the two-day event! AMP Spring Series 3 March 12th.pdf AMP Spring Series 3 March 13th.pdf
  12. Lace covered it! For the soundcheck, you can download a dB app on your phone and test as Lace stated. They are not 100% accurate but they will allow you to gauge if you are well under or way over. I can tell you, likely if you have a V8 with no mufflers or straight through you will likely fail.
  13. Greetings, Attached is the course map for this weekends event!! Course Map - AMP Spring 2021 Event 2 Feb 12th.pdf
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