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  1. Think it'll pass sound? Can't wait to see it in person...
  2. Refunds have been issued and the event has been canceled.
  3. On May 7, 2023 at 4:00 pm, Phoenix AZ Solo Region will be hosting an awards banquet for the 2022 Fall Series at Ground Control Craft Food & Drink, 4860 N Litchfield Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340. The Region will provide the Food and Non Alcoholic drinks and will present awards from the Fall 2022 series. Beer and other alcoholic drinks will be the responsibility of each person on their own. We are using this event on MSR for people to RSVP and pay for the banquet so that we can give the restaurant an accurate head count prior to the event. Registration opens at 8:00 pm MST this evening. Admission to the Banquet for PASR members is $5 each and all non-members and guests of members $20 each, which is our cost. http://msreg.com/PASRFall2022awardsbanquet
  4. The Phoenix AZ Solo Region winds down their Spring 2023 series this Saturday April 15th with some very close competition for championships in several classes. Here’s a look at some of the tighter battles. Novice class had 36 drivers compete in the series and it’s come down to 2 for the title, David Alter with 2869 points sits in 1st and Ronald Herren right behind with 2846 points. The Sportsman class of all the top drivers of the Region is very tight with 21 drivers total and 9 drivers with at least 3 events under their belts. Jason Bucki 2971, Matt Underhill 2962, Bruce Hansen 2925, Brian Peters 2916, Ron Bistrais 2916, Jay Balducci 2882, David Webb 2877, Dave Bahl 2798, Scott Urich 2780 All but Bruce are entered in this last event, so look for some tight racing in this class on Saturday. CAM-C has 2 drivers in a battle for first, Trevor Drake 2818 and Patrick Sullivan right behind with 2790. Our largest and closest battled class is CAM-T with 15 drivers having at least 3 events under their belts by the end of Saturday. Lance Hamilton 2938, Mike Hitt 2931, Mat Leon 2879, Chris Hall 2854, Michael Jakubowski 2775, Juan Leal 2770, Erik Gagnon 2710, Donny Lofstrom 2687, Sean Fowler 2685, Amanda Hitt 2649, James Wolter 2543 Most of these drivers are running in Group B on Saturday, look for a lot of math to be done in between runs for drivers to see where they currently stand. DS is another well attended class with 6 drivers having at least 3 events in. Morgan Lee has a strong hold on first with 3,000 points, but will be missing this event. Steve Ashcraft is in 2nd with 2834 points but will likely also miss this event. Tanner Nolen is in 3rd with 2812, Chris Simons 2789, Mat Penny 2754, and Danielle Simons 2644 points. Drops will likely determine the final finishing order in this class. FS has 3 drivers in the hunt, Craig Borger 2989, James Harris 2931 and Dan Hawrylkiw with 1996 in just 2 events. This one will be tight once Dan gets his 3rd event in Saturday. STS has 3 drivers in the hunt as well, Brent McCune 2978, Jorge Rios 2927 and Kevin Rasmussen 2919. And lastly XP, John Harvell leasd with 2965 and is right behind with Jason Jarvie 2952. Good luck to all of the drivers in each of your classes and thanks to all for supporting our spring series so well. https://www.azsolo.com/results/
  5. Hello Racers, I have finished assigning Grid #s and work assignments for Event #4 on April 15. Please review your registration info on the Attendee page and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I think I spread all of the co-driven cars out far enough but please double check. https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.status/uidEvent/396DBC46-DD38-C637-4159C14943766C76 We have a very full event once again with over 30 people on the waitlist to get in so please...if you do not think you will make this event cancel as early as you can so we can confirm others on the waitlist to get in. And remember, if you have guests that intend on coming that are not on the confirmed guest list on the attendee page, they will not be allowed to come onsite. Registration will be checking in drivers and guests right after waivers check in and turning away anyone not on the attendee list. Thanks, Lance
  6. I have used RIck Alvaraz and Mobile Tire Installers several times now and they are my go to guys for tire mounting. https://www.facebook.com/MobileTireInstallers https://mtimobiletire.com/ (480) 220-1949 mobiletireinstallers@gmail.com He comes out of the San Tan Valley so can have somewhat of a hefty trip charge to the NW Valley unless you can schedule it when he is already coming to somewhere near you.
  7. If I made that change Scott, nobody would get waitlisted... Basically I can turn the option to waitlist on or off. What happens to you when you describe the above is the group you chose has an open spot when you chose it, but someone else took it before you finished checking out. There isn't much I can do about that when 80-100 people are all trying to register at the same time. What I have thought about doing is lowering the available slots from 35 to say 30 drivers per group initially. This would make groups fill up and sell out faster, but it would leave me some leeway to make adjustments to registrations to clean up issues like you mention such as co-drivers not getting in the same group. I did this a little bit for the March events because we wanted to give preference to those that were trying to register for both days and it worked okay, but was way more work for me on this end. Really, I think I've been pretty good about working out getting co-drivers switched around post registration and I think I'd rather handle that after the fact vs trying to come up with a way to prevent it beforehand. Another remedy is you can cancel your waitlisted registration and start over by choosing another group.
  8. Here was my 47.795 good enough for 2nd place in class on Sunday And Patrick's 48.035
  9. Couple of fun courses this weekend, hard on equipment and tires, but fun once you got it right. Here was my 45.283 from Saturday. After some coaching from Brian Peters I ran a 44.551 in Time Onlys but had GoPro battery issues so no video of it. And here is my Co-driver Patrick's 44.861 from Saturday
  10. My learning story was similar only I was in a woefully horrible car and was picking up take off A7s (Hoosier Slicks) to try to be fast on my first year. Several veterans gave me the same advice, sticky tires just help bed in the bad habits I was learning. My second season I switched to a traditional 200 TW tire (Falken 615s at the time, decent but nowhere near as fast as the Rivals) and devoted that year to just driving the car, hitting schools and honing my craft. By the end of that season I was running with the guys on the fast tires and even brought home a third place trophy from Nationals the first time the CAM class ran there... On slower tires than everyone else was running.
  11. Eh, I'll put you in T. We'll only start protesting you once you start winning... 😄
  12. Nice! 67 Chevelle should be CAM T, want me to change that for you? Happy to have yet another muscle car in our Region...
  13. Glad you had fun Ron! What most of us do with videos is upload them to YouTube then post the YouTube link here.
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