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  1. Great shots Phil! Thanks for coming out and sharing the pics you took. I'm sure the weather will be much nicer at our October event!!
  2. Phil will post here on the forum once he has them edited and ready.
  3. Yeah, I liked it as well. When the light nimble cars run pretty similar times as the heavy high horsepower cars, you know it's a well designed course.
  4. Apparently I should have replaced my tie rod ends before the series opener...
  5. The 52.728 under my name is Mat Leon's. I should only have 2 timed runs, both in the 54s... I broke on my 2nd run and took my third in Mats car not long after his 3rd run...then I didn't take any more.
  6. I'll be bringing a lot of summer dust on the car with me to the first fall event...unless I get time to wash it that is. Can't wait to see everyone again and also to get to drive in anger again...it's been a while
  7. Todd, it looks like you are confirmed for group D. Now just pay your registration fee and you're good to go. See ya there...
  8. Groups A and B are currently sold out, C and D still available. I believe you must first cancel waitlisted registration before registering again for a available group.
  9. Thanks Kenny, I thought I got them all fixed...
  10. Being a member also saves you $15/event and supports and helps the Region put these events on.
  11. We added a drop down option to the registration in MSR for the registering driver to invite 1-2 guests and they'll add the names of the guests in the Additional Comments box like you would a co-driver name. Once the # of invited guests reaches the cap per session, the option will not show as available any longer. Waivers will have a list of "invited guests" names next to the driver that invited them at the waiver station. It will be the driver's responsibility to get the Speedwaiver link to their guests for them to process the Speedwaiver and show to waivers at the gate.
  12. My pleasure Chris... Was pretty simple really once we got your car pushed up the ramps... 😀
  13. AZ Solo Autocross Spring 2022 Test N Tune March 12, 2022. http://msreg.com/AZSpring2022TNT Event requirements for registration: Only Pre-Registered drivers will be allowed to compete, no walk up registration. Each Pre-Registered SCCA member driver can invite up to 2 guests each, max 29 total per session, first come first served. Please add invited guests to your driver registration on MSR. The Registered Driver is responsible for listing the guest's names on their registration and getting the links for Speedwaiver and AMP waiver to their guests for them to bring to waiver station at event. If there is no option to invite guests during registration, this means it is sold out already. A and B groups will run in the morning, and then again in the afternoon. Gate opens at 630 am New loaner helmets will be available for use, first come first served, please return when not in use so others will have access to them. Please sign Speedwaiver using link in registration and show confirmation Speedwaiver is signed at waiver station. Please download AMP Waiver using link in registration, print, sign and bring paper copy of AMP waiver to waiver station. If your car does not have a sound sticker already, you MUST register in either A or B group, there will be no sound tests in the afternoon. Hope to see everyone there!! March 2022 AMP Waiver Please download, print sign and bring to event. AZ Solo AMP Waiver Spring 2022 Series 3.pdf SpeedWaiver link for SCCA waiver for the March event: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/xwmrd When registering for your Speedwaiver, please use the exact name registered on MotorSportsReg.com. Kenneth on registration means Kenneth on Speedwaiver also (ie: not Ken). Event Schedule 6:00 am Gates open for Setup Etc. 6:30 am Gates Open 6:45 am Registration opens 6:45 am Tech opens 7:30 am Course open for walking 7:45 am Registration and Tech close 8:00 am Sound Check 8:10 am Couse closed for walking 8:15 am Driver's Meeting 8:30 am First car off 11:30 am Morning Session ends 1:00 pm First car off for afternoon session 4:00 pm End of event Hope to see everyone there! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/az-solo-autocross-spring-2022-test-n-tune-arizona-motorsports-park-scca-022033
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