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  1. But again, the video may be deceiving. Plus your car has way more power and weight than mine and different suspension so the line may be a bit different.
  2. It's tough to tell from the vid but I think you entered a couple corners tight so you couldn't get on the throttle as early for an upcoming faster section. I tried to stay pretty far right before crossing the the west side of the lot. (1st pic from your vid) To me, that west-bound section was reasonably fast. Setting up on the outside helped me apply throttle early for a fast section. Then there were the two cones on your left before the finish. (2nd pic) You appeared to be on the throttle late around/after that left hander. Again, I tried to stay far to the right before that 2-con
  3. I ain't gettin' beat by no truck! Come n' get it Sean!!! 😎
  4. Now I don't feel so bad about beating Sean! 🤣 But yeah, I love the competition and the variety of machinery. I raced once in CAM here in Phoenix a year ago or so. The field was smaller and all the cars were fast. I got whooped! I was a little bummed there wasn't a better place to compete with the Corvair when I finally moved back from CA. But 11 cars in CAM-T makes it interesting! Pretty stoked right now!
  5. If only I were more observant haha. I'd catch registration when it opens.
  6. I just wanna reach out to the rest of the CAM-T competitors in the name of good sportsmanship. My Corvair is not legal in your class AT ALL! But it's a 60s American car and CAM-T is about the most appropriate class for my car, especially considering the close competition so far! Lovin' it! I barely beat out Sean Bubeck and Juan Leal. So let me say it first, if you guys wanna give me the boot, I'll understand. Don't even sweat it! 🙂 Normally I'd bring this up at the track but covid restrictions prevent that. Thoughts?
  7. Even those of us who don't belong in the class? 😉
  8. Dane, thanks a million for the photos! I saw you with the camera after I pitched the Corvair sideways into the finish. I may just frame that one! 🤣
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