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Slightly Rusty, Thoroughly Bastardized, 1969 Chevrolet Corvair Autocross Car

Brian Jackson

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Want a prestigious vintage race car? Something to impress European and American motorsports enthusiasts alike?

How about a rusty Corvair instead?

My long-delayed sanity forces sale as I dream of racing an effeminate Miata.

But now you can arrive loud (if you arrive at all) as the exhaust rumbles fractionally louder than the doors and windows.

Let the world know you've got a whopping 115 HP under the... Deck lid...

Become an expert at maintaining a machine time forgot. Build skills useless to everyone but you, often while stranded.

Get thumbs up from fellow gluttons and reformed wingnuts alike. But don't wise up! Don't race a Miata... Or FR-S, or 370Z, or Camaro, Mustang, Honda... anything else would be better really.

I love this car but I've had my fun. It was remarkably reliable for about 4 years of autocross racing and joy riding. Obviously I never got around to the body and paint work. Oh well. I have plenty of extra parts such as a better dash and other items I didn't want to install until after body work was done.


Pics on FB Marketplace 



And a Vid


Some specs:

Early 1969 (one of the 3000 cars built on the assembly line, the last 3000 Corvairs were built by hand ) Don't feel bad that the car is rare. It was ready for the crusher when I found it. Hopefully it isn't anymore. 


Factory optioned:

  • 140 HP engine
  • 4 spd transmission
  • Posi diff
  • Quick steering arms
  • Quick steering box
  • HD springs
  • (The body tag bears all this out)


Equipment / Modifications:

  • Cut springs front and rear.
  • 17x9" wheels (F-R mismatched obviously)
  • Yokohama A052 tires with 85% life.
  • Mildly beat out rear fenders.
  • Very molested front fenders inside & out.
  • Holley 390
  • Baffled oil pan
  • Beat up headers
  • Relocated battery
  • Aluminum circle track seat that basically only fits me. (I will do the test drive)
  • Some kind of 4 or 6 puck clutch (I runied a couple and lost track of what I put in it last time)
  • Spare fan belt!


Other Nice Features:

  • Solid floors
  • Some rust near the fenders and under the windshield.
  • B pillars are cracked as usual.
  • Battery tray rusted.
  • A couple screws fell out of the ragtop a while back and I never put them back so it doesn't work. But it was a dumb contraption anyway so who cares.


I have a new project and this one needs to find a new home. Definitely prefer someone who knows Corvairs. Actually, you're all race fans. Some of you can probably deal with a weird, old car too. 



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