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  1. Hello everyone! Time for another great event! Here is your Run/Work order. Special notes: Due to the special rules still currently in place we are limited to people on site, so if you do not seem your name on this list please do not come to the even. Also remember there will be no food vendors still, so bring your own. Run Number Driver Work Position Checked in? A1 Sid Elorde Admin A2 Craig Borger Admin A3 Chris Steel
  2. Hi everyone, I've missed seeing you all! And can't wait to get back to racing! If you haven't heard, due to the new restrictions we have onsite we are only allowed about 50 people at the event at any given time, so if you don't see your name on this list we ask that you please not attend the event, thank you. A1 James Wolter Course Setup A2 Craig Borger Course Setup A3 Sid Elorde Course Setup A4 Scott Urich Cours
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