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  1. Gonna miss the first event but looking forward to the Oct one as I finally have some real wheels and tires for the Corvette. No more 15in rims with 1980s tire technology. 🤣 Also bringing one of my kids to drive for the first time. 😊
  2. If a friend and I come out and drive our own cars in competition runs and then both sign up for time only runs, we can drive each other’s car during time only, right?
  3. Just added myself to the wait list for C (but honestly I will take a spot in any group)...I'm so frustrated with myself that I didn't check the forum last week! Oh well. Please remind me how wait listed people get notified if we are in. If someone cancels before the event, we get a notification...?? If no notification, should I plan to show up and see...?
  4. If it makes you feel any better, my tires have a treadwear of 480. 🤪 But seriously, I'm not trying to cause problems. I registered last night as HS knowing that I may need to change that. So when I arrive next week I'll ask to have my class changed. From this thread, I think that DS does make the most sense and that will be my plan unless a better choice presents itself.
  5. It is a bit heavy, about 3400 but it’s been fun so far. My first experience with a turbo or AWD so I’ve got some learning to do. 😊 But HS it is for now.
  6. Yep, that’s the one. So are you saying that the rule is a car has to be in SS until it’s specifically listed?
  7. I think I'm going to bring my new car out on the 17th but I don't know what to do about classing. It doesn't look like SCCA has updated the rule book to include the 2021 model. All other Mazda 3s are HS, but previous Mazda 3(ish) cars with turbo are GS. So...???
  8. The no non-racer rule...that applies to both Sat and Sunday?
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