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  1. The normal results page looks to be updated with the timing results, you can see your times there.
  2. Hey Everyone! If you haven't noticed yet, the main page for azsolo.com has been updated! Hop on over and check it out at https://www.azsolo.com/ (yes it is running over https finally! So make sure to update your bookmarks, it'll still work on the http version of the site, but the https site is the better one to use) Thanks to Jason Bucki, Morgan Lee, and Edmundo Cruz for helping get this over the line. We still have a few things planned for it, so stay tuned for updates! And if you were curious about the old site for historical purposes, we are working on getting it up and running on
  3. Phill, you're in the right place. There is a link in the top right corner of that page that says "Real time results" that has the results from Sunday's event.
  4. The jr kart program is currently suspended, I'm not sure if they'll ever start it back up again...
  5. As an update, there were a few late cancelations and additions. If you were added from the waitlist, you should've received an email from Lance letting you know. Please make sure to check the run groups so you know where you're running. Tom, we can certainly accomidate you on that, just let whoever is doing worker check in know and they will place you accordinly.
  6. You're probably right on the class, but hopefully someone else will verify. Not having the car registered isn't an issue, as long as you don't indend on driving it to the event 😆
  7. As an update to make sure my comment isn't taken the wrong way, we still are not giving out loaner helmets at events. You'll still need to provide your own helmet.
  8. If you don't have the sticker yet, you really should run our sound test. You should have been given a sound sticker when you cleared sound at the PCA event, but if you can register in the morning run groups and be there for the sound test, that would probably be the best.
  9. What did the old mazda speed 3 class in? I'd run there till otherwise
  10. We have replacments on the way already, so it is all yours!
  11. That is interesting.... they were supposed to expire at the end of 2020, it looks like they've extended them to the end of 2021
  12. And the full schedule for the day can be found here:
  13. If you have any questions, please let me know. Truck - Kevin will check it out, get info to Josh so we can figure out a value for it. Covid updates - No changes from fall series, afternoon tech/waiver needs help Helmets - Offer up at the december event, offer rest to rally cross. Any left over will be sold on craigslist Finances - Finances are good despite covid, a reminder to promote tirerack banner more at events March 2 day event - Keep it a test and tune, similar to November event Weight day? Tim has volunteered in the past to hold a weigh day a
  14. And for AZSolo specific events, you can use https://azsolo.motorsportreg.com/. That will list everything on our calendar with them
  15. What link are you using that it gives you that?
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