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  1. Results are not up yet. Last months results are what you are looking at.
  2. Does registration open tonight like it normally does?
  3. Thanks Scott. Seems like a no-brainer that this should be on the Az Solo Forum Calendar. Who is in charge of this calendar??????? I know you are a contributor to anything other than AzSolo and thanks for that.
  4. The date for this event is neither in this post nor on the calendar. When is it?
  5. Both are sold.
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro 3. i5/4300, 8G memory, 256 G SSD, Wifi, bluetooth, charger, stylus. Works great $150. HP Minitower. Dual Core i3, 8G memory, 1TB HDD, Wifi, bluetooth, keyboard, mouse. Works great. $75.
  7. Not exactly 2021 schedule related but, can someone fix the azsolo.com website so that it doesn't say: "Next Phoenix/AzSolo Autocross: May17th, 2020 - AMP".
  8. Hey Dave. Would it be possible to switch C2 and C3 (me). So much easier if 2 driver cars are in even number spots.
  9. Completed Speed Waiver says that it is for the event on 11-15. Is this also good for the test and tune on the 14th?
  10. What I am speaking of is the left side that says: Next Phoenix/AZSolo Autocross: May 17th, 2020 - AMP
  11. FYI, Unless my browser has an issue, the Az solo website says the next event is May.
  12. Ran my C8 at the last event. Sound was not a problem. Handling on the other hand....
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