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  1. What I am speaking of is the left side that says: Next Phoenix/AZSolo Autocross: May 17th, 2020 - AMP
  2. FYI, Unless my browser has an issue, the Az solo website says the next event is May.
  3. Ran my C8 at the last event. Sound was not a problem. Handling on the other hand....
  4. Agree that the SCCA has spoken that we must follow local rules. They have had many events in states that allow. I just disagree what the "local rules" are. I volunteered to investigate. I believe it is a paperwork issue. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first to admit it, but I don't think so. I think all of us want to get back to normal - SAFELY. You agree?
  5. Hit send too soon. Another example, NASA will have a two day event at AMP next weekend with way more than 50 people. In my mind, AMP is the business that needs to follow the rules (whatever they may be). We are just patrons using their facilities.
  6. Some school districts will allow fans at football games. For instance: Chandler High will operate at 25% capacity for spectators to begin the season, CHS Athletics tweeted. Same with Hamilton, which had almost all of its tickets sold out for Friday's home opener against Peoria Centennial on Monday. Some (but not all) have a similar statement. Phoenix International Raceway will allow 8400 people at the November 6th event. Clearly there is a way to hold normal events. It looks like there are specific steps that must be taken to exceed the 50 person limit. It seems fairly s
  7. Found that. Seems like we always had a link to results on the forum page.
  8. Am I missing something. Is there a link to the results on the new forum?
  9. SO let me understand this - if I bring a different car that needs sound check, I need to show up around 7:30, wait to do the sound check, leave the facility, then come back for the afternoon?
  10. The key is that Maricopa county has been declared Moderate, which puts these rules in to effect.
  11. On August 10th, the following was issued. A short time later, Maricopa county was declared to be in the moderate range. According to this: Upon reopening, all industries must implement the safety protocols and guidelines prescribed by ADHS and must submit an attestation form stating they are in compliance. The attestation form shall be posted in a visible location in the facility. Additional details can be found in the ADHS COVID-19 Guidance for Businesses. Full text: Arizona Department Of Health Services Phased Reopening Plan For Paused Industries
  12. This morning I have been researching State, Maricopa County (now in the moderate category) and Litchfield park restrictions. While there is no exact equivalent to our events, the closest is outdoor public pools. I see no requirement to limit occupancy to 50 people. The only real requirement is to maintain 6 feet separation and/or masks. Some disinfection recommendations, etc. Why are we planning a 50 person limit?
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