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  1. If you decide to buy from Tire Rack, be sure to use the link on our home page. The club gets a small commission.
  2. Have various parts and pieces for a Go Pro and a Contour camera (including the cameras and memory cards). Haven’t been used in 5 years so I can’t say for sure if they work, but the price is right. FREE.
  3. Looking for someone to bring back a wood wall cabinet from Lincoln. It's about 30"x24"x6". Family heirloom that we'd rather not ship.
  4. 6th generation, wifi, 32 GB memory. Excellent condition. $140.
  5. I'll PM you for arrangements.
  6. Curt Weight Distributing Hitch. 10K lb incl ball. $200 Larin 5" vise. $50.
  7. Not critical since they are in the same class, but I drove the '16 Z06, not the '20 Stingray.
  8. Number 1 - who are both of you? Number 2 - If you are not one of the organizers, how do you know that the registrar didn't need extra worker coverage and move him/her???? Unless you contact Lance, you just don't know.
  9. An FYI, my region got changed, but the "Family" membership did not, so Deb had to change hers separately.
  10. At one time, before AMP, we used to have 240 entries (including TO). That was a hard limit. 3 runs. Worked well. That was before AMP and its imposed operating time limits and occupancy limits. Folks have also gotten used to 4 or 5 runs. Can't have it all.
  11. Results are not up yet. Last months results are what you are looking at.
  12. Does registration open tonight like it normally does?
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