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  1. Heh, yep... under "Upcoming Events" on the right side, there's a "Register" button. https://www.azsolo.com/
  2. Thanks Lance! btw, the "Register" button on the homepage is still pointing to https://azsolo.motorsportreg.com/
  3. That is a goofy size. For 225/40R18, there's also Kumho's ECSTA V730. GRM says it warms up quicker than the RT660, can handle the heat better, and wears better, but slightly worse wet traction (as the tread pattern would predict). I was thinking about giving them a try for my next tire set. They give some good thoughts about a bunch of tires, and have a neat chart near the bottom to compare them. https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/articles/track-tire-buyers-guide/
  4. I have been happy with Eurocars Detail (https://www.eurocarsdetail.com/) When I got my car, it had really bad swirls everywhere... which I wasn't confident I could fix myself. He cleaned up the paint and ceramic coated it. He also ceramic coated my wheels, and has products for brake calipers. He doesn't do the inside of the car though, which was ok for me. It's funny that GT86_Fan's suggestion also doesn't do interior.. I wasn't aware that has been a trend.
  5. Does anyone know of a company with a Dynojet dyno in the Phoenix area, to get some runs on? I used to use AZ Dynochip, but they appear to be closed. I checked with AMP, but they won't touch FWD. Most places registered on the dynojet.com site seem to use their dyno for internal use, are very specific (like for ATV/UTEs or diesel trucks), or are no longer in business.
  6. That Neon can rev! I ran out of gear/rpm at a couple places on that course.
  7. That was an interesting and fun course! Sorry course workers, when I murdered a bunch of exit cones on my 5th run 😞 Here's my best clean run (45.406)...
  8. I've been using them for a long time too. They most recently made my autocross duty turn down tips.
  9. While my best runs do tend to be my 5th or 6th run, I also miss the old format that allowed watching other people run, and talking to people.
  10. Hah, the course looks like it is hair pin shaped. Nice videos... looks like it was a lot of fun!
  11. It's been pretty obvious that the new owners of that facility never took it seriously. Friday night drags have been gone for a long time, and they only have open drags during infrequent special events. Those are so crowded that I got 2 runs in in a whole night. 20 years ago I could get 4-6 runs, and even leave early. The city/county should be trying to help find a replacement drag strip. With FIR and Speedworld gone, there are no drag strips left in Maricopa county. Then I read news that street racing is on the rise, and new laws have been passed to combat them. History has apparently been lost. I wonder how long (or if ever) they'll take before they remember why having public drag strips were a public safety solution.
  12. Whoever lost their phone on the backside of the course, did you get it back ok? I've been very curious about the condition it was recovered in!
  13. The last windshield I replaced was by Owen at Perfect Touch Auto Glass (480-335-4740). I'd use him again.
  14. I've noticed that I'm coasting where others are still accelerating, so I really need to work on my comfort level and keep pushing around those bends. That would probably help with my lift over-steer too, that caused me to spin in that box to box transition near the start. Thanks for all the videos!
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