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  1. John Sheldon at Gateway has serviced several of my vehicles and has served me well for many years. The Corvette goes to Arrowhead Cadillac should it need work beyond my capabilities.
  2. There is a large white water jug in the shed. Will hold to the 1st fall event or you can make other arrangements if you need it sooner. They are also located in the shed. May I suggest alternative driving shoes though.
  3. Despite the poorly executed maneuvering of an exceptionally fun course, I still managed to peg down a clean 44.3XX. AS, 2012 GS Vette, A052 take-offs.
  4. Forza in Tempe (he’s brash, upfront, and doesn’t like mornings, but has 30+ years working with Corvettes). He was recommended to me by Kenny Mitchell. Cordes Performance (very busy, specializes in 1/2 mile drags and high horsepower applications). Classic Gold (Joe & Mike do great work and highly recommended across local Corvette forums. They are also reasonably priced).
  5. Many tire shops are straying away from mounting tires which are not purchased through them. Discount Tire appears to be one of the last commercial shops to mount & dismount others tires. There a number of small independent tire shops which say “Llantera” and will usually mount/dismount while you wait and much cheaper than Discount, especially if you bring greenbacks. But glance at their equipment beforehand. I’m at a point of looking at FB to purchase a used mag machine and balancer. Discount charged me $148 for mounting/dismounting 2 tires and balancing four. $22/tire was the charge for just balancing. Crazy pricing.
  6. Fantastic course, great elements, good sweepers. Apologies in advance for the rotated view. Taken using TrackAddict & iPhone. Fastest time was 46.4xx. Top speed was recorded at 63.6mph recorded at the finish,fastest on course was 61.8mph with left / right G's recorded at 1.24 / 1.30 respectively.
  7. 46.216. Decided I'd try 1st to 4th around the first 180 back west, it is unadvisable. Data quality isn't the best as the accuracy of GPS is +/- 5m and there is loss of speed data in a single spot. Top lateral G's were measured at 1.35 R / 1.32 L
  8. I keep it simple and download the TrackAddict freeware (which holds 3 videos and slew of data), use the phone camera, and a Ram Mount X-Grip w/suction mount. This can be had for about $50-$70. I mount just to the left of the windshield. Mostly I track G-ratings (lateral, acceleration, braking, and acceleration) top speed & %’s braking across the runs. You can get real serious and integrate with improved GPS systems, OBDII scanners, Go-Pro Cameras, iPads, SoloStorm or pay for service on the TrackAddict which can run you several hundred dollars or more. The trick is to have a secure mount to assure non shaky videos.
  9. Really enjoyed the course, it was quite enjoyable to mash the skinny pedal for as long as possible over many sections of the course. A few data points captured by the free TrackAddict program showed I hit a top speed of 62.3MPH with Left & Right peak G-Forces of 1.32 and 1.31 respectively. 45% of the course was accelerating, 28% braking, 23% steady state turn, and 4% coasting. Phone based GPS was accurate to 5.0m, so some variation in accuracy is present.
  10. Now that's an idea... rent out the entire space. For example; Group A = Morning Skidpad, Afternoon AutoXtrack, Group B = Morning AutoXtrack and Afternoon Skidpad. We'd max out at 200 each event. Charge $80 per driver which equates to $16,000 in revenue and make registration fees non-refundable. Everyone into a registration pool random assignment of run groups. Now all we need are additional volunteers to run both the track & skidpad.
  11. Well, at Nationals they were in SS, SM, and ASP categories.
  12. Aren't newer Tesla's SS or ASP per the ruleset? Am I reading that right? Tesla Motors (SS) -Model 3 (all) (2018-21) -Model S, all-wheel drive (2014-2021) -Model Y (all) (2020-21) -Roadster (all) (2008-13) Tesla Model 3 *Limited Prep* (ASP) I AM jealous of 480HP, and even more so of 1111HP or even the measly 993HP, but even more so the immediate torque.
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