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  1. Agreed. Also, many instances the announcer and timing staff use the scoreboard as a reference which is usually blocked by helmets. Additionally it’s difficult to “social distance” when everyone is huddled around the board to see the scores.
  2. These very issues addressing efficiency, cost, # of runs, # of entrants, and site layout all while following any site restrictions are being discussed by the SC. I do enjoy the AM/PM format as does my family. For the April event we were also able to accommodate 5 runs per group which is a good value of travel time - on site time : # of runs. I am looking forward to the time when one can stay onsite for the duration to watch others compete and to do a bit more socializing and bring friends / family out to watch. I’d also like to gauge interest in having an entir
  3. West Valley area but I travel all over town so I can meet most places or we can split the distance.
  4. 4 x 315/30/R18 BFG Rivals S with 3/32nd - 5/32nd tread remaining. Mfg date code 2018 & 2019. There’s a little life left (there’s about 120 runs on these). $80 for all four. Not interested in splitting the set. Can bring to the April 10th event during morning session. PM if interested, cross listed on FB & OfferUp.
  5. Longacre makes good quality products. Toeplates make life much easier. FWIW; Firestone, for $189, will give you lifetime alignment checks as long as the alignment components are stock. I’ve told them to max out camber and given custom other settings and they’ve never pushed back. When I added camber plates to the Corvette Firestone would no longer make adjustments, but I could still have the toe settings adjusted and they’d give print outs to confirm any changes I made. There was no limit to the number of checks / changes within a given timeframe, within reason of co
  6. Two drivers were comparing A052’s and RT660’s on the same vehicle, switching between runs and were within a 1/10th a second of one another on Saturday. Anecdotally the A052’s are rumored to degrade after about 30-40 runs but can be flipped to increase tire use by 40-50%. I have no anecdotal information on longevity or performance degradation timeframes of the RT660’s. I put on a new set of 660’s for Saturday and they reminded me of the peak grip levels of the RE71’s with the recoverability of the Rivals. I really liked them. My 2c for whatever that’s wort
  7. TrackAddict also records Turns & G’s, I’d be interested in seeing where the highest rate was achieved.
  8. Minimum five runs, AM/PM sessions, $35 entry fees, there’s a starting goal, let’s figure out a way to make it happen. I’m no fan of only four runs. We hit six runs a few times in this new format by starting at 8:30AM and I’d like to have six runs per group again. The split sessions seems to be well received by those I talk to and offers much improved flexibility for scheduling so I look forward to this continuing. I need to be wise during the next event if there are any discernible impediments to increased run counts.
  9. Timing & Scoring will post up on the new forum when results are completed for the Jan 17th event.
  10. Hi Kenny - made the changes to CAM-S Open. Lets see if we can't find a few others to run CAM-S Open to make it a group.
  11. When you find the edit button, let me know too!
  12. 24 out of 111 registered drivers were in CAM classes (22%) which represented more than any other class grouping.
  13. If it wasn’t for the social distancing aspect and lack of interaction between the two sessions, that was a fantastic format! I really enjoyed the smaller run groups and the short duration between runs. Hats off to the Chiefs and crew to do so well, the event went very smooth!
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