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  1. Have you looked at places like ridenow or other motorsports shops?
  2. here was my fastest run. Aside from the slide in the first right hander I probably could’ve carried more speed just about everywhere. One obvious thing I gathered from this video is I need a better seat. I spend a lot of my focus trying to stay in the seat.
  3. My best (hero run) run of 46.836 which surprised even me. I was finally able to get the overlay to export and upload. Doing this on a samsung device is much different than my ipad. Anyway sorry for the wind noise. So much for the wind cancelling of the hero 5.
  4. That’s a great write up lance. It was definitely informative looking at it. Maybe at goodguys we can do this during the day between runs even if we just set the tablets side by side. I can definitely see where I screwed up and just couldn’t link a good run. Also watching some of the fast guys thinking the run looked slow but was in the 37-38 range. Being smooth on the gas/brake as well as steering helps to not upset the car, which is easy for me to do. I need to get rid of the “gangster lean” on my car since as cool as it looks, it’s not helping me.
  5. Lance, James and I are all using solostorm with a garmin Bluetooth receiver for the data and gopro for video.
  6. Here is my fastest at 47.993. If I didn’t bobble the hard left in the back corner I would’ve been much faster. Still a fun course.
  7. Very fun course. It was much faster than it looked on paper.
  8. I counted 15 drivers in 11 CAM-T cars. Great turnout
  9. Tech has never given me any hassle for having a camera hard mounted under the hood. I use a 1/4-20 bolt and a tripod mount for the gopro. Also the suction cup on glass is usually more than secure enough. Tech will give you more info
  10. I don’t mean to hijack this thread but is there any more info on the helmet group buy? It’s a good opportunity for drivers that need a helmet.
  11. I’m sure I left a lot of time on the track myself. Was having a hard time putting any power down without the car wanting to step out in the back. I was also more focused on the 205* coolant temp at the start of the runs and 220* at the end. I wasn’t the most vigilant on checking tire pressures. No videos from me as my cameras were safely stored in my truck at home. great runs though lance. You and the fox body did awesome. Can’t wait for the next event in hopefully cooler temps.
  12. I can’t answer that lance. But I did the speed waiver the other day. Took like 3 minutes tops, then you show the digital copy when you get there I assume
  13. Can’t wait to see what that new power plant can do lance.
  14. Every car must pass a sound check to run at AMP. I don’t remember the exact limit. If you have a stock exhaust then more than likely you will be alright. Some of the corvettes and mustangs have loud stock exhaust. If you pass they put a sticker on the door of your car. Then there is no need to check sound again unless you make changes to the exhaust.
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