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  1. Border region isn't planning an evo school for at least the rest of this calendar year.
  2. This is an amazing opportunity. If you don't know Jeff, go download the Solo rules book and look for his name - it's in there a lot.
  3. I'm late to the game here, but I'm looking for a car to drive in comp runs. I need to save tires for the Crows Landing ProSolo. Ideally looking for something similar to my FRS. Edit: got a drive now, thanks everyone!
  4. Hi everyone, just a reminder that we have an event this Saturday. Because it's a Saturday, registration will be closing Thursday (tomorrow) at 7pm. We've updated our morning registration processes to better handle onsite registrants - however, we really want to discourage this because it's more work for our volunteers, so we've raised the prices for onsite registration. See here. Please pre-register if you plan on coming, it makes things much easier for us!
  5. Progressive did not let me insure my salvage motorcycle online, because the system rejects the new VIN you get from the state. I'm guessing most online insurance places will code their website the same (stupid IMO but you can't change it). I plugged in the original VIN of the motorcycle to get around this, but it's the wrong way to do it. They'll come back a few months later and say "hey this VIN doesn't exist," or the state comes back to you and says "hey your salvage VIN doesn't have record of insurance" (yes there is some talking behind the scenes between the state and the insurance companies). I'm pretty sure they would give you liability coverage, but you will probably need to call. I never found out, as I blew up the bike motor and bought the FRS, and just discontinued the license on the bike.
  6. A long time ago I started autocrossing around the same time as this other guy. We both started on crappy all seasons. The battle between us to win the novice category for the season was really close, so he ran out and bought some good tires. First time out on them, he beat me by a lot. Second time out, he beat me by a little. Third time, I was slightly ahead(!). The problem is that good tires mask mistakes. You can develop all kinds of bad habits, and the good tires will make those habits feel "fast," but they won't be. Until you have the fundamentals down, your talent will greatly benefit from a tire that makes it very clear when you make a mistake. I wanna temper this advice: you are (hopefully? probably?) here to have fun. So make sure what you choose sounds fun! For me, levelling up my talent was "fun" and a huge reason why I got invested in the sport; I was willing to grind a few seasons on crappy tires to learn more. That doesn't have to be you if you just wanna have fun with cars.
  7. It's almost never worth the expense or hassle IMO, unless your car goes into limp mode over the lack of TPMS. The first gen twins don't, and I'd be surprised if the second gen twins changed that.
  8. I must've missed that detail. The official PAX/RTP site still lists him as the administrator. /shrug It is probably a good thing if there's isn't a single point of failure for calculating next year's index though.
  9. The rallycross group doesn't really monitor these forums. Best to check them out on Facebook: Arizona Rally Group | Facebook
  10. The schedule is now live for the dates that are confirmed: https://www.azbrscca.org/autocross/calendar.html Good news if you like Kino! March through August we'll be having events there, including a two day event in March. We're working on getting more dates from them for the fall series. Kinda looks like we might be out of luck for a January event. We are working on getting a date for February still.
  11. Both are gone. If you haven't been following along with the SP shakeup in this year's Fastracks, you should definitely have a look. Go here and look for letter #32714.
  12. Until I hear back from Rick, I kept BP with the same index as last year: https://www.azbrscca.org/autocross/pax.html
  13. Rick stopped publishing a BP index? That's either an editing mistake, or he's being held hostage and signaling for help. Anyway, check the December Fastrack for the SP naming changes (they threw me for a loop, which it shouldn't, I probably should be reading those more often...). I just dug it up in order to update our website.
  14. Hi everyone, sorry for getting these details out so late. The annual AZBR holiday party will take place immediately after the autocross event at Kino. We will be going to Dave and Buster's: https://goo.gl/maps/C2iaTCFULxx43hDX9 1390 E Tucson Marketplace Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85713 The club will cover your food and any non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally, this is the annual membership meeting where we will be voting on new board positions. RSVP is not required, but helpful in order to have an accurate count going into the venue: https://registration.azbrscca.org/register/528
  15. Most of the schedule is nearly done, although we still need to sign contracts. We'll post when everything is official.
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