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  1. Hi everyone, The board has decided to cancel the January event in response to the ongoing surge in covid cases. This is the last thing any of us want, but your health and safety are very important to us. Please do your best to stay healthy and safe out there, and hopefully we'll see you in February when things are better.
  2. It got late tonight with the SV reg issues. I'll have the schedule up sometime this weekend.
  3. Ok, all registration issues should be resolved by now. There is a temporary patch in place for the waitlist warning, I will have to make a permanent one. Already a dozen or so registered now. If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to email me - please include your name, your user ID for the registration site, and as much detail about the problem as you can. My email can be found here: https://www.azbrscca.org/about/board.html
  4. Gene or Randy, please go generate forms when you get a moment and tell me that it looks exactly how you expect it to.
  5. If you see a "waitlist position" message, I promise you're registered. I can see Glenda plus three others so far. Guess I have more work to do...I am seeing other weirdness. I pushed us to a new PHP version and that might be breaking things.
  6. January event is the 24th. I'll have the full schedule entered into the registration system later tonight. Registration will open one week from today at 7pm.
  7. I've been informed that nobody is able to select classes for the event. The problem is I probably need to specify what classes are valid for 2021. Sorry, my mistake. I will have this issue corrected this evening after work and will post here when things should be working again.
  8. Yes, there will almost certainly be a January event. I just don't have the schedule yet or I would've updated the website. Hopefully I didn't miss an email...
  9. Two day combined results are now available.
  10. Tonight's announcements: Some of you paid for two days, but only registered for one. You need to register individually for Saturday and Sunday. Please double check your entries now. This is not a thing I can fix - if you're not on the list for Saturday, you don't get in the gate! If you're not on the list for Sunday, same story! Make sure you are on both lists! Anyone who hasn't paid by 7pm sharp tomorrow will be cancelled to make space for people on the waitlist. There will be no exceptions. I am sending courtesy emails tonight. I will not do this for future events. Going for
  11. Refund policy (this mostly applies while we're running events with entry caps): Cancel before close of registration = refund (please email me, the website doesn't send me any notifications that you cancelled) Cancel after close of registration with a good reason (car broke, you're feeling sick) = refund No show without emailing anyone = NO refund This is not a hard and fast policy. Life has gray areas. If in doubt, email me, I'm going to go out of my way to avoid being a jerk to people. That said, if you're a no show and you haven't emailed someone? Don't expect your
  12. My condolences John. That's a terrible week. I've refunded yours and your son's entries. Hope you feel better soon.
  13. This will be live at 8am. When you go to register, it will tell you that the event is full and you can register on the waitlist. When you fill out the form and click the Register button, you will get sent to another page with the following two possibilities: "Thanks for registering" in a green box. This means you are IN the event. Please pay. "Thanks for registering" in a yellow box, plus your position on the waitlist. Don't pay yet. Note that either option is possible at any time! While you are filling out the reg form, someone might register ahead of you, or cancel their
  14. The waitlist feature will be turned on at 8am MST this Tuesday the 20th of October. This feature will be kinda limited to start - you'll be able to register past the 50 person cap. It will tell you that you're waitlisted. You will automatically bump off the waitlist as people cancel, but there won't be any automatic notifications to you. There will be a way for you to check if you are waitlisted or if you are bumped into the event. And that's all I can code in the time I have. I will try to have email notifications working for November or December. I will post a separate thread
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