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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone interested in volunteering some of their time to contribute to the website. Currently, it's just me doing the edits - that means the website has a bus factor of 1-2, depending on whether you want to count the previous webmaster (who is out of state and not contributing to the site). At a bare minimum, I'd like to show someone the absolute basics so that if I get hit on the head, someone else can take over and at least know how to make simple changes. Longer term, there is a possibility of taking over the webmaster role if I get tired of it, or if
  2. Yes. For clarity here is what I posted for the last event, with some edits to account for updated policies: Registration opens on Friday June 18th at 7pm Online registration only, all entrants must prepay via PayPal - there will be no onsite registration or payments In order to provide a good experience for everyone, the entry cap will be 100 drivers Novices will be allowed Spectators will be allowed, but must stay in paddock or outside the iron fence - not allowed in grid, next to the equipment truck, etc. We will expand paddock to provide more space and we ask
  3. Marana now confirmed for our next event! As I've warned previously, we will try to secure the site as often as we can this year, but it will be on a month to month basis and it could go away at any time. Everyone did a great job following the rules last month and keeping all trash secured, so thank you. Any trash or FOD we leave will make it harder to get any more dates. If you don't know what FOD is, you need to read up on the site rules! This is an active airport and we must strictly follow the rules in order to keep the site. See you all in a few weeks!
  4. Results are posted: https://www.azbrscca.org/autocross/results.html Gareth, I moved you into CS Open.
  5. Site details: https://www.azbrscca.org/autocross/marana.html We will use the primary access gate (same one we've used for 99% of our events here). This site is an active airport and there are strict rules to follow. If this is your first time here, or you don't remember because it's been awhile, please go to the above link and take a moment to understand the extra rules.
  6. If you paid once then you're fine. The payment page you see after registering is NOT integrated with the registration site. So you'll see that page every time no matter what. We do a manual reconciliation of the payment records after registration closes. Something I need to work on...
  7. We have expanded the entry cap. Everyone who has registered up until this point is now in the event. There are 11 competition-only slots remaining. There are no time-only slots remaining. Due to software limitations, I am managing this restriction manually. If you add a new registration, please leave the TO box unchecked, or I will uncheck it for you and send Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to give you a stern lecture on the importance of following instructions.
  8. The website now reflects the correct run/work, correct schedule, and the updated supps for mask guidelines. Thank you for your patience.
  9. It got late for me tonight so the website does not reflect this yet, but here are the official policies. Run/work: A works for C, B works for D, vice versa (Fall/Spring Marana rules - this makes for a longer event but will allow us to have more participants) Event schedule: We will start at the typical time for a summer event. Site Open 6:30am Registration & Tech Open 7:15am Registration Closes 8:00am Tech Closes 8:15am Novice Walk 8:15am
  10. So, again just to clarify, the website isn't up to date right now and we are not doing Sierra Vista/Musselman style run groups for this event. Final run/work coming soon.
  11. Our mask policy will be updating due to new guidance from Pima County. I need to confirm a couple details before I post the final guidelines.
  12. Sorry...this is incorrect. I forgot to update the website. The website reflects what we're currently doing at Musselman. We are discussing doing the traditional Marana summer schedule (comp runs in A/B, TOs in C/D, A works for B, C works for D) but we are considering switching to the Marana fall/spring schedule in order to fit more entries. I will have an announcement when this is finalized.
  13. Registration link: https://registration.azbrscca.org/
  14. Novices are OK for this event. For minors to participate, there are extra waiver requirements - please contact Kerry, the waiver chief, at chiefwaiver@azbrscca.org for more info. You might need to get something notarized, but Kerry is the expert on that, not me. The 16 year old must have a driver's license or learner's permit. If it's a learner's permit, then they must have an adult with a valid driver's license in the passenger seat for all of their runs and we would expect you to supply the adult. We will have vaccinated instructors available but only for novices who are extre
  15. Reminder, registration opens tomorrow. Because we are capping this event at total number of entries (competition + TO) instead of just the number of drivers, I had to adjust the waitlist logic. I've tested it and it appears to work ok, but if there's any problems or weirdness please post here. If you get to the URL ending in "registered.html" I promise your entry is saved in the system.
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