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  1. If you tried to register last night, you may have seen the old "No novices this event" verbiage. That is incorrect. There's no restriction on novices. I've fixed the website. I'm sorry about the confusion.
  2. I think from now on, we plan to default to using the north gate. We like that there are dedicated lanes for turning onto the access road from both directions, rather than having to slow down in a travel lane. It's probably safer for everyone.
  3. Just finished processing refunds from the weekend. With one known exception, I think everyone who needed a refund got one. If you needed a refund and didn't get one, please send an email to payments [at] azbrscca.org so I can follow up.
  4. As far as I know, we are still not allowing loaner helmets.
  5. It's not possible to double register for the same event unless you created two separate accounts. If you go into an event you're already registered for and register "again," it simply updates any changes you may have made to your original entry.
  6. It came to my attention that the covid supps said "no spectators." This restriction is outdated and I have updated the supps on the website accordingly.
  7. A couple reminders, since we run into this for every two day event. Both events are completely independent entries in our database. If you want to run both events, you need to register for each event separately. Please don't forget you need to pay twice if you register for both events. Reminder, there is no integration between the website and paypal, it's just a dumb link for you to send us money. So when you successfully pay and then come back to edit your entry, the website doesn't know you've already paid or how much. Because there's no integration, if you cancel your entry, you need to email someone (payments [at] azbrscca.org is best) in order to get a refund, if you qualify for a refund I can't remember the last time I actually denied someone a refund. But you have to email me or I don't know! No really, please email. Sending me a PM or a text message does not notify everyone who needs to know that you cancelled and makes it hard for me to collect that information.
  8. We're using the paved road again this month for both events. Check out the site page and scroll to "Alternate Access Gate (North Paddock Configuration)" for instructions on where to get in.
  9. We are confirmed for Marana again this month! And better news: the airport was very gracious with us and gave us Saturday as well as Sunday, so we'll have two events in order to make up for the missing July event. See you all there!
  10. I just finished issuing refunds to everyone. If you did not get a refund for some reason, please email me at: payments [at] azbrscca.org
  11. Cancelled due to flooding, this isn't a boating club.
  12. EVENT CANCELLED due to flooding. The site is unusable.
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