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  1. Really enjoyed the course for this weekend. The minimal cone layout really made it challenging to pick up the right reference points for a few of the elements. DON'T QUIT YET, NICK!!! I ended up at 45.4, but forgot to start the camera on that run. Here's footage of a fairly ragged 45.989 instead.
  2. As a course worker, I didn't want to be standing out there for over an hour while the group went on for 6 runs of 35 cars. Since this split format with more runs has originated, I've specifically only registered for the morning group because I don't want to be baking in the heat of the afternoon on course for that long. I don't want to imagine what 75 mins on course chasing cones is like in September at 2:00PM. If you want more than 4 runs, you'll have the option to pay for it and stay all day to get them. Some people don't need 6 passes to get their time down, and they have the option to register just for comp groups. That seems like it covers all options in a reasonable fashion. I don't have a vote, but that was my $0.02 I had shared with people who are voting members over the past few months.
  3. These wheels are a great budget upgrade for similar years of Mazda3. Even the later Mazdaspeed3s only had a 7.5" wheel at the end of their run; easy way to fit a lot of tire under a little car.
  4. As the course worker who recovered it... It seemed ok; the screen lit up when I picked it up off the ground. The screen protector had a small chip, but that was all I saw. I'm more curious about the circumstances of how it came to be that it flew out of the car, and what Kim had to say to them about it.
  5. Bauer Limited Extended Front Lower Ball Joint Kit for NA/NB Miata Allows additional static negative camber. New parts still sealed in the plastic bags from the manufacturer. Never installed these to my car, and they've been sitting in my garage for too long. Made a number of changes to my car over the summer that I'm still trying to dial in effectively, and don't know when I'll be ready to toss these into the mix. Detailed product information here https://bauerltd.com/extended-lower-ball-joint/ $110 picked up. Located near Cardinals Stadium.
  6. So, uhhh... what caused the fire in the trunk of the Mustang, and what should Tech be making a point of emphasis on going forward?
  7. Years ago, we used to have Photographer as an option for a work assignment. It's a decision for the managing members of the club whether they want to bring it back, but I know lots of people liked the photos. What happened to the portal where the club used to host all of those photos that were taken at events?
  8. Steal of a deal, but just in the interest of prospective buyers being aware, the lightweight flywheel (like the cylinder head swap) bumps the car to Street Prepared. Those 245s look like they squeeze under that car better than the 225s on mine. What's the wheel width/offset? Any fender work done to accomplish this?
  9. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations. But an especially big thanks to Lance for generously offering use of his scales and the overall help to get this done for me!
  10. I recently upgraded to a different set of coilovers on my car, so I need to have a corner balance done. My usual go-to for suspension stuff is Network Alignment, but the west side location doesn't do corner weights. Any recommendations? I'd prefer West Valley area, but willing to take a drive to get it done right the first time. Sidebar: I remember a number of years ago Tony S with the orange Bondurant Mustang had started a business focused around track/auto-x prep. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the business, and the old forum content has obviously evaporated into the ether with the new website. Does anybody know if his shop is still around? I recall it being in the Chandler area.
  11. Koni/Ground Control/Eibach/FatCat Coilover Shock Setup for NB Miata I purchased these parts new in 2014, and installed them to my Miata with the original top mounts, but assembled with all new Mazda OEM bushings and spacers ordered from Mazda Motorsports. Approximately 22k miles on these parts. Will fit 1999-2005 Miatas. Buyer is responsible for independently confirming compatibility with any other application. I’ve run these over the years with various versions of the “latest” hot 200TW street tires in 225/45/15, also switching between 8 and 9 inch wheels. Comfortable enough to daily with a 205/50/15 all-season, but quick and controlled on 225s with the damping turned up. Good enough on my car to put me 3rd on raw time at the end of the morning sessions of the April event. Includes Koni adjuster tool and Ground Control spanner and Allen wrench for lower perch. Full parts inventory of this setup listed below for estimate of cost to create this. $700, located in Peoria, AZ Bolt on to your car, corner balance, align, go fast. Koni Sport shocks, 8041 model single adjustable with normal OTS valving Front https://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Performance-Part/20-1105.html Rear https://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Performance-Part/20-1106.html Ground Control Coilover sleeve and Eibach spring set for Koni shocks. Spring rates are 375 lb/in Front and 250 lb/in Rear. Rates/sizes shown in photos are metric units, online decoders will confirm the values in English units. https://www.good-win-racing.com/mazda/miata/61-2976.html Goodwin Racing Track Bump Stop Kit (These were FatCat Motorsports at the time I bought them, now internalized and rebranded as GWR) https://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Performance-Part/61-0798.html
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