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  1. We spent $$$, a week and redid the entire exhaust from the headers back to get it to quiet down.   We used a decimal meter along the way at various distances and RPMs. It hit the mark, so.....

    Let's see what happens in September...


  2. Lazarus' exhaust has been refigured. .

    Two new Flowmaster mufflers installed as well as piping.  

    DB tested.  

    We should be ok whenever the Hoosiers get shipped.... 



    Old vs New Mufflers 2.jpg

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  3. Who does very good custom exhaust work in the Phoenix area?


    I need to discuss with someone what they can do to lower the decibel rating on the new EMod car. 


    Thank you,

    Kei Josephson

    email: Mackeimotorsports93@yahoo.com

    P Door off for repairs 5.15.2022.jpg

  4. For sale, '4' Forgestar 18x11 fr and 18x12 rr custom Strano offset wheels. I put a different style of Forgestar wheels on the car this year.
    The wheels are not on tires but are in boxes. Yes, they are used but in great condition.
    $750 firm plus shipping. Located in Phoenix, AZ
    Kei 'Key' Josephson

    2021 Pic.jpg

  5. Good morning and I am excited to announce that the #AZSCCASolo Instagram site is up and running!

    If you have any content that you would like to share on the site and/or want your car on the site, please email

    me at MacKeiMotorsports93@yahoo.com .

    Thank you and see you on the 19th!

    Kei Josephson

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  6. Ready for the 2021/2022 Fall/Winter Series?

    I am putting together an Instagram page dedicated to the new Phoenix AZ Solo Region

    I would like to post information regarding the drivers, cars, stories and upcoming Solo events on a frequent basis. 

    What I need to get the page up and running is information regarding Phoenix AZ Solo Region drivers, cars pictures and specs as well as any stories. 

    Please email me that information so I can post it.

    Thank you and I look forward to making this a very lively and informative Instagram page!

    See y'all on Sept 19th!


    Kei Josephson

    MacKei Motorsports

    Email: MacKeiMotorsports93@yahoo.com 

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  7. We are looking to buy a 20-24 ft enclosed trailer.   We haven’t bought it yet encase anyone knows someone selling a used one or know a good place to buy one in Phoenix.

    Does anyone have space to park this trailer or know of a good place to store it?

    Thank you,

    Kei Josephson

    MacKei Motorsports

    Cell: 602.697.5357

    email: mkm224331@gmail.com



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