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    2007 Corvette Z06

    More details on my 2007 Z06. 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Exterior Color: Black Interior Color: Black, seats are factory Black/Red Miles: Less than 50,000 Asking: $39,500 or obo Engine · 7.0 LS7 · MSD Air Force Intake · Katech 103 mm throttle body · Haltech Bee Hive Air Cleaner assembly · Vengeance Racing modified Rocker Arms · JDP Performance Cylinder Head Valve Guide Update · JDP Performance programing · Performance Motor Mounts · Headers with Hi Performance Catalytic Converters (Also have stock exhaust) · On/Off switch for OE Mufflers Transmission · C6 Grand Sport Transmission installed now · C6 Z06 Transmission comes with car. (original transmission for the car) · Aluminum flywheel · HD Street/Strip clutch · Performance Transmission mounts · Factory Shifter Suspension · 18x11 front and 18x12 Strano Performance Custom offset black mesh Forge Star wheels. Tires on new street tires · OE 18’ and 19’ Competition Gray Z06 wheels on old street tires. · Strano Performance Koni Shocks · Strano Performance leaf springs Interior · OE Black Leather with optional red trim · Harness Brace · Removable sound deadening mats · OE floor mats · Hatch floor mat · Hatch Z06 removable cargo cover Exterior · Recent ceramic coat paint detailing · Tinted windows · Front splitter · Rear C7 Z06 style spoiler · Removable Black covered MISC · Car Cover · Z06 Spec Wall Sign · Both Key fobs · Clear Title
  2. Yes, Phantom is for sale! I wanted to let anyone at PASR have first crack at it. I will be racing it at the next event on Saturday, 3/9 if you have any questions. Please, serious inquiries only. Thank you! Kei
  3. Has the National Tour Daily Schedule been posted yet? If so, could someone post the link or location? Thank you! Kei
  4. I want to really thank the crew who worked the event. Thank you for sacrificing your Saturday to help the new drivers really be able to learn and get seat time. Thank you to the Instructors for donating your Saturday as well. Students, thank you for coming and we all hope you learned a lot, had fun and plan to participate in future events. A by product of the school on Saturday was the sense of 'Community' with the students and instructors at Sunday's event. The students and instructors had good interaction during Sunday's event and it really seemed to bring everybody in as an autocross community. Thank you again to everyone and we couldn't have done it without y'all!!! Kei 🔑
  5. We spent $$$, a week and redid the entire exhaust from the headers back to get it to quiet down. We used a decimal meter along the way at various distances and RPMs. It hit the mark, so..... Let's see what happens in September... 🤞
  6. Just need the rear tires and we are going testing! 8 1/2 years in a barn, found, rebuilt and now back to life!!!!
  7. Kei


    Lazarus' exhaust has been refigured. . Two new Flowmaster mufflers installed as well as piping. DB tested. We should be ok whenever the Hoosiers get shipped....
  8. Kei


    Who does very good custom exhaust work in the Phoenix area? I need to discuss with someone what they can do to lower the decibel rating on the new EMod car. Thank you, Kei Josephson email: Mackeimotorsports93@yahoo.com
  9. Thought I'd let anyone from our club get first dibs on this seat. Like new Seat, Belts, C6/C5 bracket and Seatbelt Plug, $350. I can deliver it to you in the phoenix area. First come, first gone!! Kei Josephson MacKei Motorsports email: Mackeimotorsports93@yahoo.com
  10. Does anyone know the AZ Border Region Schedule for 2023? Thank you, Kei
  11. Does anyone have a schedule for the AZ Border Region in 2023? Thank you, Kei
  12. Does anyone know of a shop in Phoenix that will mount and balance tires on a 'Wide 5' bolt pattern? Kei
  13. Well, I have to get rid of these for the new tires for the Z06 and room needed for the new project. $400 delivered in Phoenix. I will deliver. 🤷‍♂️
  14. We are switching tires on the C6 Z06 and have 4 of the Nankang 315/18s Used 200TW tires for sale. There is a season's worth or more of tread on them. $500 delivered to you in the Phoenix area. Please let us know. Thank you, Kei "Key" MacKeiMotorsports93@yahoo.com
  15. Good afternoon. They have been sold locally. I am shocked by the response of selling these wheels. Good luck the rest of the year everyone! Kei
  16. bummer.... See you on the 23rd...
  17. For sale, '4' Forgestar 18x11 fr and 18x12 rr custom Strano offset wheels. I put a different style of Forgestar wheels on the car this year. The wheels are not on tires but are in boxes. Yes, they are used but in great condition. $750 firm plus shipping. Located in Phoenix, AZ Kei 'Key' Josephson MacKeiMotorsports93@yahoo.com
  18. Good day everyone.... Does anyone know of a good Corvette shop in the Phoenix area that can do some transmission work on my 2007 Z06? 🤔 Thanks for your input! Kei MacKei Motorsports
  19. Who in the Phoenix area can mount and balance Wide 5 wheels and tires (slicks)? (16 x 12 Real Wheels) These are not for the C6 Z06. What are these for? 🤐 Thank you! Kei MacKei Motorsports
  20. Do you have the address for that location? Thank you, Kei
  21. Good morning and I am excited to announce that the #AZSCCASolo Instagram site is up and running! If you have any content that you would like to share on the site and/or want your car on the site, please email me at MacKeiMotorsports93@yahoo.com . Thank you and see you on the 19th! Kei Josephson
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