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  1. In terms of our current events and no novices due to COVID, I recommend you contact Rob, the solo director: solodirector -at- azbrscca.org
  2. Well if you want budget friendly: I won't say I am a pro by any means, but a camber gauge can be a relatively simple tool. I just used a level (basically a known straight edge that also has a parallel face) with some nuts zip tied to it so that it can touch the wheel instead of the tire (anything that is the same height will work) and a digital angle finder (these are cheap and handy on amazon <$30 with many uses). Works good enough for me. For caster just put some grease in a trash bag and put it below the front wheels (You could also use two metal plates with grease between them) and
  3. If we are going to be making other fixes on that page, it would be nice if the new forum post reflected the new forum, or just went away...
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