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  1. We are now confirmed for Marana for the November 14th Event. The weather is looking to be a nice mid-80s and sunny where else would you want to be?
  2. Marana is now confirmed for the November event
  3. Minors in the "hot" areas require a Minor Waiver to be filled out. This requires signatures from both parents/legal guardians. The best option is for both parents to be on site to sign when an SCCA member can witness the signatures. If both cannot be on site, there is a form that can be signed in front of a notary form here: https://www.scca.com/downloads look for SCCA Minor Notary 1068 v9.2020 The form MUST be printed in color
  4. As long as the site is not flooded like it was earlier in the year we should be able to hold the event. looking at wunderground they are predicting <.1" of rain and more of that finished while we are sleeping, so I expect we will be able to have a good event tomorrow. You might want to throw a trash bag or two in your car to cover the items to you take out.
  5. We are running a little low on board members for tomorrows event. If there are a few people who can show up 15-30 minutes before the gates open to help us setup it would be much appreciated to keep the event rolling on schedule.
  6. Marana is confirmed for September
  7. We are allowing loaner helmets again, and will have them on site. Use and cleaning of the loaner helmets is up the the individual user.
  8. If others find this thread: You can also get the forms by going to my.scca.com in Member Resources, File Cabinet. Sometimes they update forms there before the SCCA download page, but they seem to be aligned today. Both parents must sign either form, if using SCCA form, the witness must be a club official, if using Notary, both parents signatures must be witnessed by the notary.
  9. I should also note that we technically have this restriction in place for our events: Spectators will be allowed, but must stay in paddock or outside the iron fence - not allowed in grid, next to the equipment truck, etc. We will expand paddock to provide more space and we ask that you continue to keep your physical distance from others not in your household
  10. BOTH parents and the Minor must sign the minor waiver form, that must be witnessed by an SCCA member who also signs, Let me see if Tom can chime in on if any member is ok or if we need an official of the local club to witness those signatures. I see they also have a separate notary form that may be a safer bet. Official Forms: https://www.scca.com/downloads Must be printed in color We have loaner helmets available in the back of our equipment truck (get one during the specific run group needed)
  11. Guest are allowed but spectators need to remain in the paddock or outside the fence
  12. You don't really need to bring anything registration wise with you, we have a copy on site that we check off when you get here.
  13. In terms of our current events and no novices due to COVID, I recommend you contact Rob, the solo director: solodirector -at- azbrscca.org
  14. Well if you want budget friendly: I won't say I am a pro by any means, but a camber gauge can be a relatively simple tool. I just used a level (basically a known straight edge that also has a parallel face) with some nuts zip tied to it so that it can touch the wheel instead of the tire (anything that is the same height will work) and a digital angle finder (these are cheap and handy on amazon <$30 with many uses). Works good enough for me. For caster just put some grease in a trash bag and put it below the front wheels (You could also use two metal plates with grease between them) and use a protractor to mark the rotation you are looking for on the floor.
  15. If we are going to be making other fixes on that page, it would be nice if the new forum post reflected the new forum, or just went away...
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