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Do you need a Roomate?


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Edit:6/9/2022 found a place.  Willing to upgrade though.


Long time no see forum.   Just got divorced so I'm looking for a place to live.  Need to be out by the end of May.  Rent solo is killer right now so I'm looking to get a roommate if it makes sense.  I've come across some odd scams out there and have had some places swooped out from under me so I'm here!  

41 year old male, Engineer but working a job helping my buddy startup his construction company so my work hours are not consistent.  Wife bought me out of the house we owned together so rent is covered no problems.  

I have a small 21lb dog that is great, chill, doesn't chew things up and gets along with other dogs pretty quickly.  He can be left at home for 8+ hours without issue.  prob wont be good with cats.  

I have a small truck and a E36m3.   Pref a Townhome or house with a garage and some space in it I can use.  Not looking to move into a house or condo with kids or more than 2 other people.  I have a storage facility for most of my lesser used stuff and have a fair amount of tools, TVs, computer/gaming stuff to bring as well as furniture if needed. 

  Ryan at Five one Five - Five 2 Zero - 0119     

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