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Looking for Navigator for 2023 Great Race

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For those not familiar with the Great Race, it is a 9-day road rally that covers about 2200 miles.  I have run the 2018 and 2019 events in my 1970 Karmann Ghia.  Next year's runs in the last 10 days of June and the route goes from St Augustine, FL to Colorado Springs, CO.

It is run like a regular TSD rally, expect you are NOT allowed to have an odometer, any modern calculating devices or digital devices.  Pretty much old-school tech and the cars must have been built in 1974 or earlier.  Real challenging event, but also somewhat of a grand event with special stops and good friends to meet.  Details at www.greatrace.com

Having any past TSD rally experience is a plus, but anybody with some good math skills and being alert can learn the task.  I will provide training and there is a practice rally locally next February.

This usually sells out each year, but I have a spot secured for 2023 and will be driving my 1965 Mustang.  Just need a good navigator.  My younger Son had originally thought he might do it but has since changed his mind.  I will cover the entry fee ($6500) and shipping of the car to the start of the event.  I will drive it back home from Colorado Springs.  Navigator needs to cover their own travel, hotel and meals cost.  Would also appreciate a contribution to my car expenses...:-)

2018_great_race_finish 2.jpg

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