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  1. It doesn't need to be an SA rating, it could be an M rating.  There are other ratings that are acceptable besides Snell, but the Snell are the cheapest usually.  An SA or M 2005 or newer is currently acceptable, at the end of the year you'll need a 2010 or newer rating.

  2. Our waiver process for the Sept 20th event is going to be a little different.  We are using Speedwaiver in place of the SCCA waiver.  This is free to entrants and very easy to do.  You can get started by going to the Speedwaiver site and punch in your phone number.  Follow the link on your phone and it'll ask to take your picture and do a signature.  And that's it!  After you sign the waiver, you'll be provided a link that you can click on to bring up your signed waiver, which you'll show to the waiver people on site to show that you've signed the waiver.

    The AMP waiver is a little bit more involved.  What you'll need to do is print out a copy of the attached waiver form, sign it, and hand it to the waiver people on site.  

    Please note that you need to complete both waivers, one is for the SCCA and one is for AMP.

    SpeedWaiver link: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/ayfbf

    If you have any questions, please let us know.

    AMP Waiver 9-20.pdf

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