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  1. Registration is almost open for our Fall series!  It opens on 9/4 @8pm

    Registration link: http://msreg.com/az2020fall1 
    SCCA Waiver: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/
    Event Details: 

    However, with everything else that's going on in the world, there's going to be some changes till further notice.  Please read through these, as there is some important info about the next couple events.

    Please note the follow changes for this event:

    • Masks will be required, except while driving.  If you don't bring a mask, you won't be able to participate.
    • Only pre-registered drivers will be allowed on site.  This means no spectators or guests!  Any non-drivers will be turned away and not allowed on site.
    • There will be no onsite registration for this event.
    • There will be no time only runs for this event.
    • A and B groups will run in the morning, C and D will run in the afternoon.  If you are in C or D group, you can not show up on site till noon.  You will be turned away if you show up before then.  Gate open at 7am for morning run groups.
    • We will not be providing loaner helmets, you must bring your own Snell approved helmet with a 2005 or newer rating.
    • Water will not be provided on site, so please plan accordingly to bring your own.  This has been a hot summer, and our first event will be hot still I'm sure.
    • There will be no food vendors on site, so please plan accordingly
    • Special processes will be in place for waiver.  I will update this post with updated information as I can.
    • If your car does not have a sound sticker already, you MUST register in either A or B group, there will be no sound tests in the afternoon.
    • Instructors will not be available at this event.
    • We will be providing ways to sanitize equipment between run groups to protect workers the best we can 

    So the slightly longer version, due to the limit of gatherings being 50 people or less, we are running the event in 2 sessions, a morning and afternoon session.  Morning session will consist of run groups A and B, the afternoon session will be run groups C and D.  Each run group will be 25 drivers, putting us at our 50 person cap.  This is a first come, first serve event, so don't wait to sign up if you want a spot!  We will keep a wait list, so if spots open up we will be contacting the next person in line.  We will open the afternoon session up at noon, so afternoon session drivers won't be allowed on site till then.

    I know this is a lot of change, but the Steering Committee feels this is the best way for us to move forward and host events.  Hopefully we can lift some of these restrictions soon and get back to events as normal, but please bear with us for now.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  

    See everyone soon!

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  2. New Helmets
    - Group buy through scca. $75 each for a Racequip SA2015 3/4 open face, scca stickers already applied
    COVID issues for Fall series
    Due to covid, the following restrictions will be put in place till further notice:
    - We will be running a morning and an afternoon session. Each session will cap at 50 entries, 2 run groups of 25. Prereg only, there will be no onsite registration
    - If you car needs a sound check, you must run in the morning as no sound tests will be run in the afternoon.
    - No time only's
    - No spectators, only drivers will be allowed on site
    - Loaner helmets will not be provided
    - No food/water service, so bring your own food and water
    - Masks and social distancing will be mandatory. No mask means you don't run, and we won't have masks on site, so please don't forget yours.
    - Refund policy will be lifted, refunds will be given up to the start of the event. If you aren't feeling well or decide not to come, please let us know and we will refund your entry fee. Letting us know as early as possible will be best, in the event there is a waitlist so we can try to fill your spot.
    - Hand sanitizer and cleaning stuff will be available at every workstation so equipment can be sanitized between run groups
    - Scoreboard will not be setup in favor of online scoring
    Waiver Stuff
    - Will we be adopting SpeedWaiver (through Motorsports Reg) to replace the scca waiver. This will be mandatory for all entrants.
    - AMP waiver process is under review
    Security at AMP
    - Event chair/asst will take care of security going forward
    Truck updates
    - No changes
    Budget Update
    - Club is in good shape, see Derek if you have questions
    Website/forum issues
    - We will be moving to a new platform for forums and website. Dave to take care of this.
    - Chris has Fall trophies to distribute, will work on Spring series
    SC Changes
    - Shawn Warner was voted in as Waiver Chief. The SC thanks Derek Bailey for his service in this role

  3. Welcome to the PASR classified forum! The rules for this forum are very simple.

    1) NO commercial posts. If you want to advertise your business or products you sell, contact the Region Executive or Assistant RE to discuss paid advertising on the website or the Pylon Press.

    2) You must at least be located in Arizona. This region primarily supports the Maricopa County area but for the purpose of this forum, anywhere in Arizona is eligible.

    3) If you have multiple things for sale put them all in one post. Do not create 17 different for-sale posts for the 17 different things you would like to sell.

    4) You must list at least a ballpark price, your name, and a way to get a hold of you. This will also help you sell your items more quickly. Listing your email address is acceptable if you do not wish to post your phone number.

    5) Items should at least be vaguely car related. For example:

    Ideal: Cars, wheels, tires, car manuals, tire pressure gauges, helmets, fire suits, exhaust system, etc.

    Acceptable: Tools, toolboxes, laser pyrometers, in-car camera mounts, E-Z Up tents, folding chairs, car stereos, etc.

    Unacceptable: Televisions, coffee tables, concert tickets, etc. Put that stuff for sale in the Off Topic forum if you absolutely feel the need to advertise it on the website, however it may end up deleted anyway if it is deemed inappropriate.

    6) Please keep chatter to a minimum. Accept the fact we will delete replies that should really be in Off Topic, or sent by PM. Discussions about what car someone is going to buy next should be in the Off Topic forum.

    7) Note that our forums are open to the general public and PASR does not vet Buyers/Sellers/items for sale or items to be purchased. Use caution to avoid scams.

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